How To Obtain Certificates Needed To Successfully Apply For The Advertised County Jobs In Kenya

by Ekai Kaoo  - June 28, 2022

Devolution is the major change in Kenya right now, and many people in Kenya are looking forward to benefit from devolved government of Kenya, especially at the county levels. Employment in Kenya is one of the biggest benefit county members in Kenya are looking up to. But the question is, Do you qualify to stand a chance of employment at your county in Kenya? Here are tips on how you can easily secure a chance to be among the first top shortlisted candidates in the county jobs in Kenya. Everyone has academic certificates in Kenya, but apart from those certificates, county employers in Kenya are looking for the following copies of clearance in Kenya, which due to their nature, will be used to shortlist the candidates;

Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) clearance in Kenya

This clearance form obtained from HELB offices in Kenya. Higher Education Loans Board offices are located on 18th floor of Anniversary Towers on University Way, Opposite University Of Nairobi in Nairobi town. For those Kenyans who benefited through the HELB loan during their university or college study periods in Kenya, they will be requested to fill a certain form just to commit yourself or provide a cheque to clear the loans board debt in Kenya. Those Kenyans who never obtained HELB loans during their university or college studies in Kenya, are required to fill a certain form and attach following copies: Letter by the Kenyan applicant confirming they did not receive university loan in Kenya

Copy of your high school examination certificates, Certified copy of graduation certificates, Copy of national ID (both sides), A bank slip of ksh. 1000 paid to: HELB Operations: ACCOUNT NO. 1104 823 047 KCB University Way Branch Nairobi; ONLY the name and ID NO. of the applicant should be indicated on the deposit slip There are no any other charges for this service. This process of obtaining HELB clearance form in Kenya only take one day, the day of application, to be completed and for a Kenyans to be issued with the certificate.

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) clearance in Kenya

KRA clearance form in Kenya can be obtained from Times Tower in Nairobi which is located on along Haile Selassie Avenue next to New Central Bank Tower in Nairobi CBD. Other pepole in Kenya seeking for a Kenya Revenue Authority clearance from can access any another station in Kenya (where you obtained your taxpayer registration certificate commonly known as PIN). If you obtained your pin more than one years ago and you have never remitted your tax returns to their officers, you will be required to pay a penalty in Kenya of ksh. 1200 Each year. The process of obtaining a clearance from KRA offices in Kenya takes one day for those Kenyans without any tax issues. But for those Kenyans having KRA penalty fees in Kenya, getting a clearance form from Kenya Revenue Authority offices may take a while.

Ethics and Anti-corruption commission (EACC) clearance in Kenya

This is the toughest clearance form to obtain in Kenya. To get an Ethics and Anti-corruption commission (EACC) clearance in Kenya, one has to go to Integrity House in Nairobi. Kenya Anti Corruption Authority in Kenya has offices located in Integrity House in Nairobi. Integrity House in Nairobi is located on Milimani Road, adjacent to Valley Road on Integrity Centre, just before you get to Hope International in Nairobi. To obtain a means of transportation to the Kenya Anti Corruption Authority offices in Nairobi, one should board a matatu in Kencom area in Nairobi. A Kenyan searching for a county job in Kenya should obtain a Self-Declaration form (which can also be generated online from the EACC website in Kenya on from the Kenya Anti Corruption offices and fill the form. The self declaration form is then taken to Forodha House in Milimani Law Court on Upper Hill Close near Ushuru Co-op Savings & Credit Society limited in Nairobi, and pay ksh. 50 to obtain a signature and seal from the magistrate on duty (only between 12 pm -13pm and 2 pm-3:30 pm working days). The Kenyans should then go back to Integrity House in Nairobi to obtain a clearance signature from the officials of Kenya Anti Corruption Authority. Alternatively Instead of queuing at Forodha House in Nairobi for the magistrate seal in Kenya, you can go to a private lawyer in Kenya but pay more for the seal on the Ethics and Anti-corruption commission clearance in Kenya.

Criminal Investigation Department (CID) 

CID certificate clearance in Kenya is usually obtained from CID Headquarters in Nairobi which is located off Kiambu Road in Nairobi. Criminal Investigation Department offices are towards Kenya Pipeline Estate in Nairobi on Kiambu Road off Thika superhighway, near Muthaiga Golf Club in Nairobi. The certificate of Good Conduct in Kenya obtained from the CID headquarters in Kenya usually takes at least 2weeks you will be required to pay kshs. 1000. 

All submissions by qualifying candidates in Kenya for the county jobs are supposed to be returned to the county employers in Kenya within one week as many stipulate. The copies of the certificates and a copy of National ID in Kenya should be submitted together for a candidate in Kenya to qualify for shortlisting. But the question is, Are you able to obtain all the above clearance certificates in Kenya within one week? Please avoid last minute rush and go get all the above certificates as at now!!

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