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How To Identify The Right Career In Kenya

how to identify the right career in kenya


Many Kenyans get caught up in unsatisfying careers in Kenya. Personally, I remember dreaming of getting into a hospital theatre and cutting open someone’s brain to rectify some neurological hitch. Yes, I dreamt of being a neurosurgeon in Kenya. I had grown up reading some inspirational novels by Ben Carson, and being the kid I was, I could only think as far as Ben Carson did. Ben Carson was a rather average kid in school but he ended up outshining all his classmates to becoming one of America’s best neurosurgeons after having his sight rectified. Having an eye problem at that age too, one thing was for sure- I was destined to become a neurosurgeon.

Later on in life I came to know that the field of medicine in Kenya requires much more than academic excellence. It was a calling. I have a minor case of trypanophobia! (That is not some deadly disease by the way!) Trypanophobia in Kenya basically is the fear of injections, and needles. Of course with this, I would not have the courage to be a general physician in Kenya leave alone a neurosurgeon. It is good to dream and be ambitious alright, but with some of these careers, much more is needed.

Then again, came the idea of being a lawyer in Kenya. Well I would have probably stuck to this one had my grades allowed. I ended up being an environmental scientist in Kenya by virtue of failing to attain grades fit to pursue law. I still have the dream of pursuing law, probably at masters or doctoral level though.

Kenyan kids wallow in the miasma of career confusion in Kenya, lack of exposure being the main culprit. Most primary schools all over Kenya are however trying to stem this tide by having career guidance sessions over the term. The kids have a talk with experienced counsellors in Kenya and other professionals in various fields who tell them what they need to get to such professions and more so what obstacles and hindrances they are likely to encounter. Schools in Kenya go as far as facilitating talks where the primary school kids are guided on which secondary schools to apply to with regard to their academic capabilities.

Again, this goes to the parents- Kids should be allowed to follow the professions in Kenya in which they fit. There are many stories of kids who live a rather desperate professional life after being forced by their parents into careers they dint fully fit in. If your kid wants to pursue fashion and design, do not force them into a business related field. They will live to blame you in the future.

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Emerging from the athletic heartland of Rift Valley, Eka Kaoo was destined to have a relationship with sports. However, instead of lacing up running shoes, Eka picked up a pen, weaving narratives around the athletes who brought pride to Kenya.

Growing up, Eka was deeply inspired by the marathoners and middle-distance runners from his region, often finding himself amidst training camps and local races, absorbing stories of dedication, sweat, and sheer willpower.

Eka pursued his passion academically at a renowned university in Kenya, specializing in Sports Journalism. This formal education, combined with his intrinsic understanding of the Kenyan sporting ethos, allowed him to produce articles that resonated deeply with readers. His pieces, rich with local anecdotes and broad insights, began to get attention both within the university and in the national press.

Upon graduation, Eka became a sought-after name in sports journalism. His writings, spanning across various sports but with a soft corner for track and field, offered a fresh perspective, blending personal athlete stories with technical analyses.

Eka Kaoo's articles soon began appearing in international sports magazines and journals, elevating him to the status of an ambassador for Kenyan sports on the global stage. He covered major events like the Olympics and the World Championships, consistently providing readers with unique, Kenya-centric viewpoints.

Beyond his journalistic endeavors, Eka has been instrumental in organizing grassroots sports events in Kenya, aiming to unearth hidden talents and provide them with a platform to shine.

Today, as one of the leading voices in sports journalism in Africa, Eka Kaoo continues to champion the stories of athletes, always reminding the world of the heart, soul, and spirit of Kenyan sports.

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