How To Earn While Studying In Kenya

by Ekai Kaoo  - March 15, 2022

Money in Kenya is as important as water and air from birth to death!! I know you may be thinking of criticizing my statement but I still think this is the case especially among the students. We always come to realize we have our own personal obligation to take care of while in campus in Kenya, now I think you trust me.

This is the reason why you find many campus students in Kenya engaging in malicious business, if you allow me to term them so. Ladies find themselves having sex for cash which has been a major problem in our Kenya campuses as many rich men are seen driving in and out of major campus institutions in search for these “desperate for cash chics”. Ladies are not only the culprits of this ungodly misconduct, young men also tend to look for ‘sweet mamas’ to cater for their bills and get handouts for upkeep.

Many young people in Colleges and Universities in Kenya nowadays involve themselves in illegal businesses like drug trafficking. We complain as a society but again whose responsibility is it to take care of them? As I earlier quoted, we all have our personal responsibility as Kenyans to take care of our own desires and obligations. Many campus students find themselves losing focus on studies and even dropping out of the campus, others may make it to the end but attain nothing to celebrate.

Okay, it’s clear that I care about my society and here is some advice on how students in Kenya can earn money while studying;

Part time jobs for students in Kenya

Many companies are now looking for part time job employee in Kenya to work for them. Yours is just to keep on checking for those companies or even creating your own links which can lead you to such opportunities.

Online jobs for students in Kenya

As the Kenya is going digital, even the work force has been digitalized and many companies are still hiring people who can work online from their own homes. This is because some companies are avoiding some fixed cost such as renting offices!! Now that makes sense and now students can finally get an opportunity to work while still attending classes. Some of these online jobs require only few hours which is convinient.


I’m glad many young ladies and men in campus are starting their own initiatives like making mats, selling earrings to their friends, and even clothes. Some business ideas in Kenya do not require a lot of capital to start, it will only take you a little amount to start and from their get 50% profit. Believe me some even make double profits depending on your level of aggressiveness.

There are many more opportunities and activities which can make you earn as you study. My advice to Kenyans is simple, don’t expect a lot from the very first days because persistence is also key to any successful business and you may also find yourself expanding the same.

This article is only made to open your mind, be creative, think on how you can multitask and get an extra coin as you study. Among the above mentioned example are other many ways to get cash and also get the real experience as you employ the theoretical part in class!!!!

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