How To Choose The Right Career In Kenya

by Ekai Kaoo  - October 4, 2022

Career choice in Kenya is a major predicament that everyone is faced with while beginning their career. No particular Kenyan really knows what to choose as the career to pursue directly. Especially in cases where you have to choose the course you want to take and study in higher institutions of learning. The choice also is done when it comes to choosing the job to do in Kenya. What if I do not excel in this more than I can in that other career? All these ‘what ifs’ are common to all of Kenyans. How do I choose a career to pursue? How will I know the career I choose is right?

Kenyans be glad am here to tell you how to choose the right career. You don’t have to worry anymore. One thing that is major while intending to follow a particular field is whether you really enjoy doing the work. Yes, you have to enjoy doing something for you to be able to successfully engage in it now and in the future. Don’t be stuck in something you cannot handle or you don’t get satisfaction from.

Some Kenyans find themselves stuck in careers chosen by their guardians, friends or other influential people in their lives. It is very advisable, that when it comes to choosing something you want to engage in, choose according to your unique qualities, your future wishes, and according to your talent or the things you enjoy doing. In so doing, you enjoy your work and hold no regrets in the future.

A Kenyan should choose a career which allows them to practice flexibility. By this, I mean that one can get to engage in different aspects though in the same field. This ensures that there is room for future growth in that career field chosen. You can also change the work you do and engage in various other tasks that there are in that field. This reduces the tedium of doing one thing for so long. For instance, a Kenyan in the social science field has so many possible tasks available to do. You could manage projects, conduct research, engage in community mobilization, lobbying and participation, social work, community nursing and many other tasks. This career in Kenya therefore has room for change of tasks to do and also room for growth.

Let the career of your choice in Kenya be something that is also marketable in the jobs market. Yes, do your research well and engage in a discipline that brings out the best in you. The career choice should also be well paying and showing a growth and development prospect. There are many careers in kenya which include; music, physics, agriculture, social sciences, chemistry, IT, sales and marketing, economics, business, doctorate, arts, jounalism, public relations, human resource, envoronmental studies, community development, project management, strategic management, accounting, and many others. The list is very long.

It is not too late for that Kenyan who thinks they are in the wrong career. You don’t have to be depressed anymore . You can switch your career; all you need to do is take short courses regarding the field you want to join. However, some fields need in depth studies and prior knowledge from the institutions of learning. These courses in Kenya include doctorate, surgery, dentistry and others. The courses are limited to particular qualifications and studies. This however should not be a hindrance to your dream career in Kenya; you can go back to learning. With the will, anything is possible.

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