Favourite Women Athelets Ever in Kenya

by Ekai Kaoo  - October 26, 2022


The athlete belonged to the Kenya police and is most celebrated by athletic fans as being one of the fastest marathon runners in the country. She has won several awards for the country including gold medals, silver and bronze respectively. The pride of Kenya has improved through her efforts and she has since encouraged many young other ladies that athletics is indeed a good venture and field that one can use to boost their skills and utilize well their talents. She is also one of the best female role models in central Kenya.


She is popularly known as kapsabet express by the athletic lovers in Kenya. Pamela continues to do well and made Kenya proud by recording a new world record at the Olympics. Born in a poor family, the lady has been able to get her family out of the desperate condition by simply using her running talent to make huge amounts of money from it. She has continued to do well in the field and nurturing many young other athletes along the way. Jelimo used to takes part in the 800m race.

The athlete is of no doubt the favorite for many Kenyans. She has indeed reduced the common believe that Kenyans have surrendered the 5000m race to their rivals and neighbors Ethiopia. She has won the race quite a number of times and her running skill is admirable as it involves a lot of skilled tactis. Cheruiyot has taken part in many races of the country where she has continued to propel the Kenyan flag and making the country proud.


She has been the defending champion of Olympics in the 1500m race. The athlete is fast with a good finishing speed that not only gives her advantage over her rivals but also ensures that she fulfills her dream of breaking more world records. It is important for upcoming talents to have a view of how Nancy runs her races to get ideas of how to finish well in the competitions. She has since encouraged the growth of many other talents.


Made history when she won gold at the finishing line.The athlete has since gotten the morale of ddong well in international competitions and is continually encouraging many oethr young talents to trainwell and come up with different running tactics.Linet is tall and that gives her the advantage of running at an ven more fast rate.

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