Commemoration Of Lord Baden Powell In Nyeri, Kenya – The Founder Of The Scouting Movement

by Ekai Kaoo  - January 21, 2022

Every year, the scouting movement faithfuls in Kenya convene in a small in town at the foot of Mt. Kenya, Nyeri Town in Kenya, to commemorate the life of Robert Powell. Robert Powell, popularly known as Lord Baden Powell, was the founder of the scouting movement worldwide.

Baden Powell was also the first chief scout of the Boy Scouts Association in the world. Lord Baden Powell had served in the British army before leaving to begin the scouting movement in the world. Baden Powell’s wife Lady Olave Powell followed in her husband`s shoes to found the Girl Guides movement in the world. Both Baden and Olave were native English speakers born in London. However, the founders of the scouting movement traversed many parts of the world preaching the scouting gospel and that is how they ended up being in Kenya.

Bade Powell has gained worldwide recognition and respect as a man who acted selflessly in regard to his country as a soldier and humanity as a whole. Lord Baden Powell wrote and published over forty books and 16 pamphlets on the Scouts Movement during his lifetime. Lord Baden Powell travelled to Nyeri town in Kenya in 1938, ailing of ill health until his death in 1941. Lord Baden Powell was buried in a small graveyard at the ACK church in Nyeri town in Kenya. Lady Olave Powell later died while in Europe but her remains were also flown to Nyeri town in Kenya and interred besides her husbands grave in Kenya.

Scouts all over the world celebrate the life and times of both Lady Olave and Lord Baden Powell on 22nd February every year. 22nd February is the birth date of Lord Baden Powell. The scouts and guides travel from all over the world to this small town in Kenya, Nyeri, in the heart of Central province to pay tribute to their fallen hero and heroine. Business in Nyeri town in Kenya booms around this period of commemorating Lord Baden Powell by scouts and guides in the world, as the rather dormant town gets to life and receives worldwide recognition.

The graves of both Lord Baden and Lady Olave in Nyeri town are interred within the compound of the St. Peters A.C.K church in Kenya. St Peters ACK church in Nyeri town in Kenya is located at the periphery of the Nyeri town along the Nyeri- King`ong`o Road. The graves of Lord Baden Powell and Lady Olave in Kenya have been marked as national monuments in Kenya.

Since its 22nd February, 2014 all scouts and girl guides are convening in Nyeri to show their respect for Lord Baden Powell.

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