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 Everyone hopes for a good job someday later in life, but what is a good job? The best job the one that pays better than the others or the one you enjoys doing? How important is it to choose a good job in Kenya? Those are the questions we will be looking at.

Kenya is a country of great educational competition. People become better and better at what they do as days goes by. If you are not good at what you do, the probability of you getting a good job are very slim but if you do, you will not keep it for long and if you do, which is very rare, you will not go up the ranks, unless you use corrupt means. This because the more years pass, the more Kenyan institutions of higher learning produce more and more graduates.

The basis of staying at the top of the game is to make tour passion your profession. Do something you love and earn from it. You will never struggle and you will not have a hard time with cash because money is just secondary, enjoying what you do is primary. I will take the example of Daniel Ndambuki, who goes by the name Churchill. From the days Redikulas and Red Kona were the biggest names in Kenyan comedy, Churchill had a dream which would transform the entire comedy industry. He rose from a simple person to one of the most searched for personalities to host events. Through him Kenya has watched comedians like Chipukizzy, Erick Omondi, MC Jesee, Fred Omondi, Wanjiku the Teacher and many more grow and become independent. Churchill currently hosts Churchill Show, the largest comedy show in East and Central Africa.

Stories of parents who forced their children to take certain professions and the children ended up finishing the dictated careers giving the parents the degree certificates then going ahead to pursue what they love are far too common. Johnson Mwakazi is the only journalist in Kenya with absolutely no training in the field but does exceptionally well, in the industry. He had the passion to do communication but studied a whole different field in campus. His love for journalism, his drive towards what he does best drove him to the industry, where he is the epitome of grammatical correctness.

In conclusion, it is important to follow what one wishes to do, do not let the monetary returns dictate the career you will do. Enjoy the job, the money will just come by itself if you do what you like because you will do it well.


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Emerging from the athletic heartland of Rift Valley, Eka Kaoo was destined to have a relationship with sports. However, instead of lacing up running shoes, Eka picked up a pen, weaving narratives around the athletes who brought pride to Kenya.

Growing up, Eka was deeply inspired by the marathoners and middle-distance runners from his region, often finding himself amidst training camps and local races, absorbing stories of dedication, sweat, and sheer willpower.

Eka pursued his passion academically at a renowned university in Kenya, specializing in Sports Journalism. This formal education, combined with his intrinsic understanding of the Kenyan sporting ethos, allowed him to produce articles that resonated deeply with readers. His pieces, rich with local anecdotes and broad insights, began to get attention both within the university and in the national press.

Upon graduation, Eka became a sought-after name in sports journalism. His writings, spanning across various sports but with a soft corner for track and field, offered a fresh perspective, blending personal athlete stories with technical analyses.

Eka Kaoo's articles soon began appearing in international sports magazines and journals, elevating him to the status of an ambassador for Kenyan sports on the global stage. He covered major events like the Olympics and the World Championships, consistently providing readers with unique, Kenya-centric viewpoints.

Beyond his journalistic endeavors, Eka has been instrumental in organizing grassroots sports events in Kenya, aiming to unearth hidden talents and provide them with a platform to shine.

Today, as one of the leading voices in sports journalism in Africa, Eka Kaoo continues to champion the stories of athletes, always reminding the world of the heart, soul, and spirit of Kenyan sports.

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