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How and Where to Obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct in Kenya

176 how and where to obtain a certificate of good conduct in kenya


How and Where to Obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct in Kenya


In most jobs in Kenya, a certificate of good conduct is ranked among the main requirements. Either most of Kenyans do not have an idea what this certificate is, or the Kenyans do not know where to obtain a certificate of good conduct in Kenya.

Who can be given a certificate of conduct?

In Kenya, a certificate of conduct is issued to Kenyans residing in the country, Kenyans residing in foreign countries, foreign citizens (who are not aliens or refugees in Kenya) and foreign citizens (who are aliens and refugees in Kenya)

What are the requirements of getting a certificate of good conduct?

•             A person who is above 18 years of age and person must have a second generation national ID and a clear photocopy of the national ID.

•             A child or a person below 18 years of age must have an original birth certificate and a clear copy of the birth certificate.

•             Payment of shs 1,000 to a cashier at CID offices.

In Kenya, a certificate of good conduct is easily obtained where one has various conditions. The first condition of acquiring the certificate is lack of any criminal records with the Kenya Police department. The finger prints of the Kenyan seeking a good conduct certificate are run through the system of criminal records. In cases where the prints have no record, the person will be issued with a certificate.

Where is the certificate of good conduct issued in Kenya?

The certificate of good conduct is issued from the Criminal Investigation Department in Kenya.

•             For dwellers of Nairobi, the certificate of conduct is obtained from the CID headquarters. The location of Criminal Investigation Department headquarters in Nairobi is along Kiambu Road in Muthaiga area.

•             For other persons in other parts of Kenya, outside Nairobi can obtain their certificate of conduct from the Divisional CID offices in various regions. The official receipt paid in the Divisional CID offices, the clear photocopy of the national ID, the prints taken, and a cover letter are usually forwarded to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) headquarters.

What does a certificate of good conduct mean?

A certificate of good conduct means that the particular Kenyan holder has been searched in the criminal records of Kenya, and no criminal record has been traced. The validity of a certificate of good conduct is based on the information provided as from the date of issuance of the certificate.

An employer in Kenya will require you to provide a valid certificate of good conduct or one that was taken at least three years ago. The certificate of good conduct in Kenya shows that a job candidate is of good morals, behaviours and obeys the law.

How long does the certificate of good conduct take before it is provided?

A certificate of good conduct in all parts of Kenya takes one to two weeks to be provided to a person who has applied.

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