Youngest Millionaires in Kenya

youngest millionaires in kenya


Boniface Mwangi

He is an award winning photographer and is currently the project director of the picha mtaani company. The young millionaire has over a total of 500000 people that prefer and consult him in huge attempts to try finding positions to work with his company. He plans to form an online platform that will ensure that the company is spreading to large global markets in efforts to promote the growth of the company. He should also check on ways of creating more comfort for is customers.

Richard Turere

He is the innovator of the common project in town generally referred to as the lion lights. Richard came up with the idea as a way of trying to find better ways of chasing away the lions that continually invaded his home. The idea indeed worked for him that saw several neighbours asking him to make for them and it has since grown as a security tool.

Kariuki Gathitu

He is the inventor of the common Kenya service Mpayer.The idea is so big that it appered in the annual global awards and was ranked as the second best project in the world. The young Kenyan has since gone to greater levels and ensures that he serves the needs of Kenyans encouraging the growth of many small media enterprises. He loves technology and continues to support many development projects in the country.

Joel Mwale

The young Kenyan entrepreneur is the CEO of sky drop enterprises situated in Nairobi Kenya. It is a rain water filtration company and further has bottling infiltration services. He has created employment for many Kenyans and continues to encourage many others to join. Joel has since made efforts to have the company spread to more interior locations in Kenya.

Evans Wadongo

He is the head or chairman of the SADFA movement in Kenya. The plan was designed to make solar powered lantern that is slowly replacing the use of kerosene lamps. The young business man continues to ensure that the products become more familiar with many Kenyans and that they are approved to be of great help to them and their families.


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