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Where To Dispose Your Old Assets Within Eastlands area In Nairobi, Kenya

where to dispose your old assets within eastlands area in nairobi kenya


An asset in Kenya is any resource with economic value that an individual, corporation or Kenya owns or controls with the expectation that it will provide future benefit. Assets are not necessary for business purpose in Kenya, all house furniture’s, refrigerators, electronics, utensils, or any equipment in your house are as well assets. All these cost a lot of cash especially if quality is observed when purchasing. To still reap something out of old assets in Kenya, people are opting to sell second hand assets.

Many Kenyans have found a business in disposing old assets around Nairobi. The store owners in Kenya who buy the second hand assets from Kenyans sell them at a profit after doing some repairs on them. What we fail to understand is that what you people term as of no benefit, others in Kenya find the asset very beneficial. For the Kenyans who understood this difference found a niche in this business and tapped into purchasing and selling second hand assets in Kenya, especially Eastlands part of Nairobi.

This purchase and resale of second hand assets business in Kenya is booming mainly around these Eastland parts of Nairobi; Umoja is leading in second hand business and a Kenyan can find outlets at Mutindwa, Peacock and around “Kwa Chief” in Umoja section of Nairobi. Other second hand assets outlets around Umoja include, Umoja Market, Engesa area and Manyanja Road. Umoja is on the east of Nairobi along Outer Ring Road off Jogoo Road in Nairobi. Other outlets in this part of Nairobi are trading in the old assets from Kenyans with new assets.

Other known areas include Pipeline in Nairobi along Outer Ring Road and Dandora especially around Dandora Ruaraka round about in Eastlands of Nairobi. The business of trading in old assets in Kenya is proving to grow aggressively as many joints are now open within Nairobi town. Due to nature of this business, it is hard to get a well-defined company in Kenya dealing with purchase of old assets. Most of these second hand shops in Nairobi are informal structures built along the roads in Nairobi. Hard Company in Dandora area deals with the purchase and re-sale of second hand items from Kenyans and it is just about the only established company within Eastlands area of Nairobi.

I will consider this as a new type of business in Kenya, though trading in of assets has always been there, but it was mainly done for commercial assets and only valuable assets in this case. It is amazing if you can trade in your analog television in Kenya with a digital plasma! It’s really a good deal, right?

The benefits of trading in old assets in Kenya are clearly seen and starting such a business in your area does not require a lot of capital, especially if you only deal with only old assets. Kenyans can dispose their outdated assets in their area of residence in Nairobi. Kenyans also have an idea to start this business and bridge the gap in Kenya. People in Kenya are also selling the old assets through Olx on the internet too.

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