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Water Bottling Companies And Mineral Water Processing Industries In Kenya

water bottling companies and mineral water processing industries in kenya


Water is one of the most and essential entity that without people can hardly services as water is used in different places and for different purposes. Water especially for drinking is the most crucial resource that should be more prioritized when it comes to its safety as well as availability. Clean drinking water should be always available since survival can only be possible in environment with clean water for potable use.

This has attracted interest in many organization and the government and has ensured that the people even from the interior regions have access to safe clean water as unsafe and unclean water can be very harmful in the health of human beings. They have initiated projects that ensure that the provision and availability of clean water especially for drinking is assured. For drinking purposes, several companies have been set up to process and package water in bottles after thorough treatment for the assured health of the people. These bottled water is thereby distributed to the market and sold in shops, supermarkets and other products outlets.

These companies treat the water with the most superior and health-friendly chemicals to ensure that it disinfect the harmful organisms that may be present in water before they bottle the water to the commonly known Mineral water. The well-established and trusted companies for the bottling and supply of mineral water include:

Highlands Mineral Water Company

This company is one of the leading companies in the production of soft drinks and bottled mineral water branded as Highlands Drinking Water. This company is situated in Nyeri and has a reputation of high quality bottled mineral water as they offer the drinks and bottled water according to the current trends and updated in keeping up with the situations of the current times. In bottling of water, they cater for the consumers’ needs for long established mega trend of wellness. Currently, the company produce highlands bottled water cordials in Orange, Pineapple, Tropical Lemon and Strawberry.

Coca-Cola Company

Being the well-known manufacturer of beverages in form of soft drinks, Coca-Cola Company also process and bottle water for quenching thirst the healthier way. Their bottled water product branded DASANI is also a well-known brand in the market due to the high quality standards it possesses. Dasani Bottled water from Coca-Cola Company has been presented in various brands to ensure that they cover the taste of all their customers and they include DASANI lemon, DASANI strawberry and DASANI sparkling. Their bottled water products have various packages which include 300ml, 500ml, and many more sizes and the bottles are recyclable and reusable thereby posing more benefits to the users.

USafi Services Ltd

Another company that process, bottle and supply bottled clean mineral water under the brand name Grange Park Premium Water which is naturally purified in the confined aquifers and enhanced by the most advanced state-of-art technology of reverse osmosis and filtration for the production of the best quality of water which is highly purified and is so clear, so safe and very clean. This is therefore for the assured quality of the water standards. This company water product is natural hence they do not have any flavours added to their products.

Excel Chemical Ltd

As a well-established suppliers of the well-known Dilute-to-taste and ready to drink fruit juices in the market commonly known as Quencher, they recently introduced their bottled water product due to the need to provide clean safe and clear water for human use which will not affect their health. Their bottled mineral water branded ‘Excel Quencher Premium Drinking Water’ is processed and packaged in the most clean environment to avoid contamination and thereby presenting the customers with purified using the best technology mineral water with the highest standards of quality.



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