Trading Partners Of Kenya

trading partners of kenya


Kenya is involved in alot of trade with other nations making it develop good working relationships that can help the country earn revenue by exporting the various products that are locally produced to be used in other countries.The following list comprises of the major trading partners of kenya.


It is currently the main trading partner with the kenyan government having signed about 15contracts in one day.China has greatly helped kenya in economic development as seen by the construction of the only superhighway in the country Thika road.It has since been assigned another contract to build the standard gauge railway and has various trading contarcts that are being signed.China is helping the country and many of its products are being purchased with alot of customers.Investors from china are being encouraged to come and invest locally to help boost business transactions.


It is the worls most powerful country and has been a good trading partner with kenya ever since they attained independence.The USA government has been on the frontline to support ongoing projects that are doing well in the country.Good trading relationships are continually being developed each and everyday making it essential for the government to work with the Americans.Major exports from kenya are sent to the country.


It is a body comprising of the east and south african countries.Kenya being one of them,takes the advantage and forms tarding partnership relations with such members to build more market for the country and ensure that the country achieves a more stable economic growth system making comesa to be a very important body for trade in the country.

EastAfrican Community

Comprises of the major countries of east africa that have come together to carry out trade and help each of the member countries to make profit and achieve amore stable economic growth.

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