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Products And Services Offered By Hasoft Kenya Ltd

products and services offered by hasoft kenya ltd


In the current period, Kenya has embraced the advancement in technology and has incorporated it in to the different sectors of the economy. The most sectors of the Kenyan economy that technology has been used include education where the learners are able to use modern research tools and equipment such as Laptops and tablets in their studies as well as banking where technology has seen the security of the banking processes upgraded and the use of technology in banking has also contributed to the introduction of various awesome services such as internet banking and mobile banking. Many people in Kenya have invested heavily in their businesses and by ensuring that they incorporate the modern technology for the benefits and growth of their businesses.

Hasoft Kenya is one of the providers of enterprise applications and services helping many people to improve operations, drive growth and quickly adopt to changes in business demands by providing ICT services backed up by highly reliable and advanced technologies. This company based in Kenya ensure that business automation services that they offer to their customers will digitize the businesses and bring along benefits to the business owners. The most advanced and well-devised products and services that are offered by Hasoft Kenya ensure that the business automation is success.

Smart Business and Strategic consulting

Where their clients can look for advice on the foundation of rich and robust enterprise business solutions. This is important since a business will only last if the foundation of the business is strong and that the foundation ensure the rise of the business from new challenges and meet new opportunities.

Managed services and Solution development

This company offer the best management services of the business as well as devise the best approach on how to compete with the challenging business idea of the current world. Their solution development procedures ensures that it cater for all the types of constraints and also the future challenges that the business is to face.

Website Design

Being an ICT services firm they ensure that they develop the best business sites for their clients as a web presence is almost compulsory for a modern organization to project the right image. They provide the business or company with the best modern, fresh website from which to market the business and they do this at an affordable cost.

Hasoft Kenya Products

Apart from the services they offer to their clients, they also present their customers with the most modern and best products for the prosperity of the business. These products include;

Customer Relationship Management

Customers are the most important part of a business and therefore this company ensure that you do not lose your customers as they have in possession, quality sets of tools designed to help the business run in continuity or directly market the business. They seamlessly integrate into the business process regardless of type of business.

Financial Management

Finances in a business is scarce and therefore in order for business prosperity, finances should be well managed. Hasoft Kenya offer financial management services which is technologically monitored and that reduce the costs, shorten the process cycle times, deliver timely, actionable financial information as well as enforce global financial standards and business transparency. All these will ensure that the businesses will achieve financial goals after the incorporation of Hasoft Kenya Financial Management solution.

Business Solutions

Hasoft Kenya offers a unique range of business solutions tailored to the particular needs of the clients industry, whether the business is construction, emergency services, manufacturing and distribution, libraries and information Centers, restaurant, or any type of small to medium sized enterprise (SME)





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