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process of registering a company in kenya


For one to register a company in Kenya, one need to first write a letter to the registrar to reserve his or her desired name which may be accepted or rejected on the basis of either a similarly named business or offending the rules on name reservation. This may takes two to three days. If it is accepted the registrar will reserve the name for 30 days. Secondly, there is preparation of Memorandum and Article of Association and Statement of Nominal Capital. These documents are prepared by the advocate describing the objectives, rules, subscribers and authorized share capital of your company.

One also needs to pay stamp duty which depends on your declared nominal capital, but the minimum amounts to Kenya shilling 2,140 which is based on the minimum nominal capital of Kenya shilling. 2,000.Then one fills a form known as Situation of Office Form201 which notes the registered office address of the company that has to be signed by one director or the company secretary.

There is also List of Directors Form203 which is filled which lists the directors and secretary of the company. It is stamped by the company secretary. Then there is Declaration ofComplianceForm 208where a commissioner of oath must sign the form on your behalf

You then need to file documents at Registrarsofficethis involves going to the Companies Registry and paying the registration fee which includes your memorandum and articles of association. There is a varied fee attached to this.

One should get a certificate of incorporation after a period of about 21 days. Finally, one need to get a Company Seal, which is a device that include your company name on documents and is also used as a signature of the company. This can be purchased from a stationer. There is also statutory requirement which includes ;Registering for a Personal Identity Number, Value Added Tax & Pay-As-You-Earn with the Kenya Revenue Authority .One need to Register with the National Hospital Insurance Fund which assist in medical contribution for ones employees. There is also a requirement to register with the National Social Security Fund. It is necessary and mandatory to contribute to one employee’s retirement fund. Also one requires registering for a Business Premises License which is done with the local county office. There is also a need of premises prior to submitting this application. One can be assisted by the business registration agents with the registration process at a fee.


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