Nice Enterprises Company In Nairobi: Major Providers Of Multi-purpose Solar Lamps In Kenya

by Kinlark-nafas Nafasi  - June 7, 2023

Sudden blackouts can and do cause a tremendous amount of damage especially to electrical products in Kenya. Unfortunately, Kenyans are not strangers to blackouts. Heavy rainfall, power rationing and vandalism pave way for power blackouts in Kenya. In fact, many Kenyan households are well acquainted with kerosene lamps and candles. However, a better resource to have in your possession would be a solar lamp. A solar lamp greatly reduces your expenditure and frees up your budget plans. Nice Enterprises Company in Kenya is a company in Nairobi that is well known with the provision of solar lamps for sale in Kenya.

Features of the solar lamp provided by Nice Enterprises Company in Kenya

Nice Enterprises Company in Nairobi provides solar lamps with four ways of charging. The solar lamps available in Nice Enterprises in Nairobi charge via solar, electricity and dynamo. This means that the solar lamps are covered in all ways. When there is no electricity, the natural light adequately charges the solar lamp. On the other hand, when the weather is not conducive for solar charging in Kenya, electricity and dynamo can do the charging very well. The solar lamp provided in Nice Entersprises in Kenya comes equipped with USB port. Therefore, the solar lamp can be used not only for lighting but also for charging your phone and other like accessories that utilize a USB port. Solar lamp in Kenya is therefore a handy gadget to have when travelling and when you visit the countryside or when you go camping in Kenya, where electricity is nonexistent. A solar lamp in Nice Enterprises Company in Nairobi cost Ksh 2,990.

Location of Nice Enterprises Company in Nairobi

Nice Enterprises in Kenya is located in Kamukunji part of Nairobi. Nice Enterprises Company in Nairobi is found right next to the Kamukunji police station in Kenya and near the City Stadium in Nairobi. Nice electronics shop in Nairobi is onJogoo Road, making it accessible to all the matatus that ply the Jogoo Road route in Nairobi. The matatu to Jogoo Road in Nairobi are such as matatu number 58, matatu number 10 and matatu number 19/60 among others to like Matatu number 23 to Kimathi Uhuru estate in Nairobi. Matatu/buses to Jogoo Road also include buses to Umoja Estate, buses to Buruburu estate in Nairobi, Buses to Donholm estate in Nairobi and many others that use the Jogoo Road Route.

Its advantageous to possess a multi-purpose solar lamp in Kenya since you got the peace of mind when you know that you do not have to panic needlessly in case of a power blackouts. Having a solar lamp in Kenya is convenient when you utilize the solar lamp to light your environment, charge your phone and access your music. Having a solar lamp also minimizes expenses incurred through the purchase of fuel. Solar power is free and readily available in Kenya. So why not take advantage of it by purchasing a fully functional solar lamp at Nice Entreprises in Nairobi?

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