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A Makutano wholesaler is located along Kithimani-Katangi road about hundred meters from Makutano market. It was started in 1990 as a small wholesale which continued to grow with time up to the current large business with about twelve workers .The business normally deals with the work of receiving goods from different suppliers in large quantities and distributing the items to the customers.

Due to the wholesale being famous because it was the first to be started in the area, it has many customers of which the rate of producing receipts, files, reports and invoices is high and costly. Since the business is relying mostly on paperwork it is experiencing a lot of drawbacks some of which are contributing to the slow growth in the business.

Since the business is experiencing a lot of challenges from the current operating manual system, the management has seen it worthy to introduce an automated system which will be able to curb some of he problems like reducing the rate of data duplication and occurrence of errors hence contributing to business success in the market. Hence this will lead the business in accomplishing its objectives which are made to provide quality goods and services to the customers in the expected time and in the right standards.

Currently the business is operating manually whereby goods received from the suppliers are recorded on books as well as the items sold to customers. Thereafter receipts are issued to the customers as an evidence that the transaction has been done and to act as a reference material in future. There is also the issuance of invoices to customers with debts to remind them to pay their debts before the speculated time. Afterwards, the accountant analyses the transactions o ensure that the data is correct and that no errors are encountered during balancing of the transactions .In addition, the business has a stable and a well organized management that is from the top level (General manager) to the lowest level (customers) to ensure that the business runs well in order to meet its stated objectives .


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