Loss Control Management in Supermarkets

by Kinlark-nafas Nafasi  - June 7, 2023

Loss control management refers to the ability of reducing the risk of potential losses or controlling already existing losses by implementing procedures to curb these losses. First of all, it is important to establish the causes of losses in these supermarkets to get a concept on how to go about controlling these losses.


Some of the causes of these losses are; employee theft, administrative error, vendor/supplier fraud and shoplifting. Loss control has been a bane to the proprietors but it not all doom and gloom as several companies have come up with the solutions. Such companies are; Hipora Business Solutions East Africa Limited and Achievo among others.


Hipora Business Solutions East Africa Limited was the first company to come up with the idea of loss control in supermarkets and has been very successful. They train and outsource employees to supermarkets who are responsible for ensuring everything is running smoothly in supermarkets. They are located in Tuskys supermarket, Nakumatt, Easy-e-mart, Eastmatt among others. Achievo is only located in Naivas supermarket.


Loss control procedure

  • Training the staff on how to understand the wholesale and retail industry, handling cash and basically controlling losses.

  • Checking the cashier activities, ensuring no over ringing also known as overcharging, no under ringing, all items are scanned, customers get a receipt and change, ensuring customers items are packed and check dispatch of items, for example, electronics or expensive items. The person responsible for these activities is known as a front end.

  • Ensuring the delivery is of the store and the order matches the invoice. Checking whether the goods are of good quality, follow the receiving rules and ensure the receiving clerks too, making sure the returns are given back to the supplier, checking for damages and expiries.

  • In the camera room, there is a camera room operator who is responsible for checking the activities that go on around the shop, check out for shoplifters and communicate with the security in case of any unusual activities. They also ensure that the employees are not doing anything fishy.


These employees of these companies are competent and well trained leading to great results. They write reports every week proving to the owners that they are working and also to help them know the areas of improvement.

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