Karatina Open Air Market- Largest Market In East Africa

by Kinlark-nafas Nafasi  - June 3, 2023

Markets in Kenya are quite a lot, and there is just about a market in every place you go. For instance markets in Nairobi are such as Village Market, Muthurwa Market, Gikomba Market, Toy Market, Ngara Market, Maasai Market and many others. In Mombasa Kenya, there are markets such as Congoea Market, Mwembe Tayari Market and Makinon Market. Meanwhile in central parts of Kenya, there is Karatina Open Air Market.

Karatina open air market is the largest open air market in Kenya and in East Africa. Kenya has many attractive sites and interesting places to visit. You should make a point of visiting this market in Kenya. Karatina town is located two hours away from Nairobi and approximately 20 km away from Nyeri town and 130 km far from the capital city of Kenya. You use Thika Highway to get to Karatina from Nairobi. Karatina open air market is located in the middle of Karatina Town in Kenya, next to Bata shoe outlet, KCB bank in Karatina and a few metres to the main stage in Karatina. Entry to the market can be made at three major gates; which are placed all around the market on separate sides. The town council of Karatina in Kenya ensure that the market is up to standard and is well organized. This market in Karatina town in Kenya, however, has been under construction for about three years now. The government of Kenya is ensuring the market is modernized, and there is an introduction of stalls in the Karatina Open air market. The market in Kenya will hold up to 3,000 traders on completion.

Karatina Open Air market has provided Kenyans with a variety of goods on sale ranging from Ciondos (baskets made from sisal), all types of fruits, all kinds of vegetables, cereals, and many other market goods. People within Kenya and from outside Kenya converge at this Karatina market in the interior of the country to purchase and sell goods. Karatina Open Air Market is the second largest open air market in Africa and it is well known for its fresh fruit and vegetables. The Karatina market in Nyeri County, Kenya closes at eight in the evening with two gates closing at six in the evening.

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