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The company is powerd by the ndovu cash community in kenya.It was formed for the purpose of introducing the student entreprenuership empowerment programs that could play great roles in helping students get skills of carrying out business.The company operates by following a certain procedure and the following list provides the best options as to how the process is carriedd out.

Firstly,an individual gets two friends and ends up registering a group with them on the mobile based on the virtual platform that is ofetn given during the careers fair.

Save about 100kenya shillings each week through your mobile app or USSD

After five weeksone of the people can apply via the mobile for a short loan starting with upto 1500 of the combined loans also called okoa semester.

Repay the loan borowwed after two weeks to enable other people to borrow and have access to the loans.

The process should be done in a more than one time for the sake of ensuring that the credit histrory with jubilant kenya microfinance is well built.

Regular attending of the seminars offered by the entrepreneur experts is an important aspect for one to hold for those in a particular programme.

During graduation,based on the credit histroy of someone,a startup loan from jubilant kenya will be given to you to ensure that you are in high position to start any kind of business that you wish to do

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