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Income Generating Projects in Kenya

income generating projects in kenya


For a long time, many families in Kenya have continued to stay in poverty due to the continuous lack of stable income that is essential in helping them get the basic requirements of daily life. As a result of the continuous deprivation of the basic needs, many communities have integrated together to start projects that can raise money that will in turn generate a lot of profit which helps the society. There are a number of projects that have been proven to be effective in generating income as seen below.

Freelance writing

The project involves writing a large variety of essays from many types of field such as business, history and world events. It simply involves a person getting access to an internet source by having reliable computers and internet sources. In Kenya, orange network has been considered to be the cheapest and fairest as it only charges 50shillings for 24hour service. Freelance is more essential and it simply needs one to open an online account that will be used to enhance communication with clients. The project has seen most people especially university students generate the required income hence can raise fees. Many other people are employing thousands of youths to earn money via online writing.

Transport Business

Everyday people are involved in transport activities travelling from one place to another. Stable employers and willing sponsors are helping many unemployed youths to venture into the industry by helping them acquire loans for purchasing buses, motorbikes and even hand carts. A lot of individuals are using Sacco’s as a way of investing in the transport business. The project has employed many Kenyans as drivers, turn boys and even top managers to monitor vehicles and accountants to pay salaries.

Chicken and Rabbit Farming in Kenya

It has come to realization that a lot of Kenyans love eating meat but the supply is continually diminishing. Due to its great demand, meat is becoming a lucrative venture for many young Kenyan entrepreneurs. Rabbit meat is being exported abroad with companies by one kilogram at about 400-450Kenyan shillings. On the other hand, rearing of chicken can generate a lot of money by selling eggs, meat and manure from the chicken.

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Born amidst the bustling economic hub of Nairobi, Kinlark Nafasi's story is deeply rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit that defines Kenya's capital. As a young boy, Kinlark's inquisitiveness was piqued by the vibrant business activities around him, from the busy street vendors to the towering corporate offices that painted the city's skyline.

This early intrigue was the catalyst for his academic pursuits at one of Kenya's top universities, where he majored in Business Administration. While in university, Kinlark's natural flair for articulating complex business concepts and trends became evident. His articles, often peppered with astute observations and data-driven insights, caught the attention of not just his professors, but local business periodicals as well.

Upon graduation, Kinlark quickly established himself in the world of business journalism. His deep understanding of the African market dynamics, combined with a global perspective, made his writings invaluable. He covered a wide array of topics, from the challenges faced by startups in Nairobi to the macroeconomic policies shaping the East African community.

Kinlark's articles have since been published in renowned international business journals, earning him a reputation as a leading voice on African business matters. Beyond journalism, he has been instrumental in organizing business forums and conferences, fostering a dialogue between entrepreneurs, policymakers, and investors.

Today, Kinlark Nafasi continues to chronicle the evolving business landscape of Kenya and Africa as a whole. Through his writings, he endeavors to inspire the next generation of African entrepreneurs while providing critical insights to investors and business leaders worldwide.

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