Ideal small scale Businesses for less capital in Kenya

by Kinlark-nafas Nafasi  - May 14, 2023

It has come to the observation that many Kenyans find it hard to start businesses due to having financial difficulties in their homes. However, experts have device mechanisms that can help many disabled start businesses with little amounts of money in their savings account. Major ways of earning income have been found and it’s the choice of entrepreneurs to choose one of the following projects to start with.

The taxi business

The field has huge ventures that one can find time to invest in and earn more money. A small handcart can cost as little as 5000Kenyan shillings. Acquiring one can make a person get a daily income of about 300-1000shillings that is good enough to save and invest in many more lucrative job opportunities? The business is easy to run as it simply needs one to travel to market centers and get goods carried to their destinations.


Kenyans love snacks and it is important that creative entrepreneurs get ways of attracting customers and reaping money from them. Majority love the common snack known as Chips that only needs one to have a sack of potatoes, cooking oil, huge pan, toothpicks, tomato source and salt. The owner can make a minimum amount of 500Kenya shillings in one day that is enough to cater for the needs arising.


The business can start by one having a good electric connection place, a computer and printer. A person starts by typing for customers a lot of data and eventually ends up printing for them. Photocopying documents for people and eventually printing for them will provide one with a stable income to sustain themselves. At a later stage the business can pick up and upgrade to higher levels by more computers being added and more services being introduced.

Mole trapping

Kenya is an agricultural country and farmers will go to greator levels in huge attempts to secure their produce. One of the main crop pests are known as moles that feed on the roots of plants making them die and fail to grow. It is therefore important that experts that can acquire these skills venture into the business and earn money.

Cereals and Fruit Selling

A farmer can purchase a single fruit at a price of 10 and later sell to supermarkets or urban center at a price of 20 earning an extra ten shillings. The business can enrich a farmer that starts to invest in t with very little amounts of money. It is therefore advisable for most disabled farmers to invest in the project.


Kapkurer Dispensary (Kericho)
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