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How to venture a prosperous and profitable business through Social Media in Kenya

how to venture a prosperous and profitable business through social media in kenya


How to venture a prosperous and profitable business through Social Media in Kenya

Social media platforms have proofed to be the most convenient modes of communication and sharing information in the current era. People are using majorly social media to share information even more than they do with phones. The social media platforms which include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more platforms, despite being used as a form of communicating and sharing information, they are now been used by even schools and colleges to show the admission criteria and more educational showoff.

Following the same line that Social Media are now advancing and being used by a huge number of people, many of the businessmen and businesswomen have seen the need to set up businesses using the social media platforms and transact them through the same. This has showed off good profits to the businesses which have been created by using the best methods that are present. The prosperity of the business created under social media majorly dwell on how the business profiles have been created. Below is a detailed procedure on how to set up a good business page in the common social media platform: Facebook which will lead to a profitable business;

First and foremost, you should log into Facebook through www.facebook.com and if you did not have a personal account, consider creating one by signing up to Facebook to ensure that there is no limitation to the prosperity of your business. Once you log on to your personal account, you will create a business page from there. The business page will be tied to the personal account but they appear to be completely separate. This is so because no one can even see your personal information from the business page or even see the name of the administrator of the page.

Secondly, you will now create a page while logged in as your personal profile and this is done by going to www.facebook.com/pages/create.php. Take a look at the main categories of the pages and decide which fits your business. Select the drop down list and select the best category that best fits your business idea. However, from this step, do not select the Local business or place unless you have a physical storefront that your potential customers can come to.

Thirdly, you have to choose the category from the menu and name your page. The Facebook categories are not always perfect but for most part, they aren’t critical. Categories may be more important for local businesses as they are more visible in Facebook Graph search. The name of the page should be carefully selected as it reflect the main aim and services or goods offered in that particular business. You should choose the perfect keywords in the page name to enable the page to be easier displayed in the search results. Later, select the box next to “I agree to Facebook Pages terms” and click Get Started where you will be taken through some steps that will help in adding your business page photo- which is advisable to upload your business logo, your about information and more.

Fourthly, you should add more details in your about page information which on Facebook has very large sections to wax poetic about your wonderful business. The beautiful thing is that the about page is indexed in Google, so you will want to make sure it is very descriptive and keyword-rich. The best of it is that, you should make sure the link to your website is in this field so you can drive people in to the website.

Fifthly, since the last step has fully created the business page, you can now share something so that people can see the type of things that your business involve before inviting people to your page. From this step, you should add your cover photo and should fully reflect the business idea and the services involved. This is done by selecting the Add a cover button and then click upload photo. Choose the photo from your computer, position it on your page and click save changes.

Lastly, review the permissions of the page you created. Go to Edit page, then manage permissions from the admin panel and review how your permission are set up. This can involve the way people contact you as either through the regular messages or in a different way. You should change the permissions to ensure that people can contact you through the easiest way possible which would be the best thing for a profitable business.

After all those steps on creating a business page and following all the procedures correctly, the business which is linked to the page would eventually turn out to be a success as well as the website which will be linked to the Facebook page. This is so because Facebook users through the link will drive a lot of traffic to the website hence making it successful too.


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