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How To Start Up Your Own Business In Kenya

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Starting a business in Kenya requires one to have various important details covered. Before you start a business, you need to do your research. How will the business bring in money? After how long will the business pick up and start making profits? A research on the idea you hold and want to implement into a good successful business exposes one to know what to expect in the market, how the idea will be accepted by the customers, where put up the business for it to flourish better, the competition in the market, strategies to beat the competition, and all details you need to know on starting up a business.

Once you have done your research, for a business to be successful in Kenya, you will need to identify a source of capital. Sources of capital in Kenya are quite a lot. Taking up a loan from banks, finding an investor, borrowing money  from friends and relatives, organizing groups/chamas to start a business together, applying the UWEZO funds, youth and women funds from the government, loans from other financial institutions like KWFT and many other places are some of the sources of capital to start businesses.

Small business enterprises (SME) are actually cropping up profitably in both rural and urban areas in Kenya. This means that, anyone can start up a business and become successful in the future.  Apart from capital, you will need a source of labour and the necessary skills to make the business stand out. In cases of starting small, you will need to venture into a business where you can provide the necessary skills required. Understanding the technicality of the business is essential so as the tasks can be directed towards maximizing the profits of a business.

Now you know how to start a business.. Good luck in your  future endeavours.

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Born amidst the bustling economic hub of Nairobi, Kinlark Nafasi's story is deeply rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit that defines Kenya's capital. As a young boy, Kinlark's inquisitiveness was piqued by the vibrant business activities around him, from the busy street vendors to the towering corporate offices that painted the city's skyline.

This early intrigue was the catalyst for his academic pursuits at one of Kenya's top universities, where he majored in Business Administration. While in university, Kinlark's natural flair for articulating complex business concepts and trends became evident. His articles, often peppered with astute observations and data-driven insights, caught the attention of not just his professors, but local business periodicals as well.

Upon graduation, Kinlark quickly established himself in the world of business journalism. His deep understanding of the African market dynamics, combined with a global perspective, made his writings invaluable. He covered a wide array of topics, from the challenges faced by startups in Nairobi to the macroeconomic policies shaping the East African community.

Kinlark's articles have since been published in renowned international business journals, earning him a reputation as a leading voice on African business matters. Beyond journalism, he has been instrumental in organizing business forums and conferences, fostering a dialogue between entrepreneurs, policymakers, and investors.

Today, Kinlark Nafasi continues to chronicle the evolving business landscape of Kenya and Africa as a whole. Through his writings, he endeavors to inspire the next generation of African entrepreneurs while providing critical insights to investors and business leaders worldwide.

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