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How To Start And Operate A Bar In Kenya Sucessfully

how to start and operate a bar in kenya sucessfully


The vision in your mind in starting a Bar should be celebrations, laughter, friends and entertainment and generally fun. You should imagine rooms full of friendly talk, people having fun and music. Some bars give a big detail to games so if you want people to be watching games in your bar then think of purchasing big screens and perfect sounds installed. Everything comes with benefits and challenges, a bar will mean working for long hours, working during vacations and weekends and dealing with drunkards. If you are ready to meet the challenges then you are better placed in this kind of business. If you have a vision for it then it will be rewarding financially and it will encourage you to open several branches and expand your business.

Many factors have affected the industry nowadays, problems of driving while drunk this has controlled the mode of drinking and put a limit to the number of people taking alcohol drinks in the bars. People are nowadays concerned about their health and alcohol is always a warning to people’s health. Remember bar is a competitive field so do all you can to make sure that you stand out in the entertainment market and become people’s choice. Have enough capital to keep your business running during the initial period which is always very tough. Gather enough knowledge about the business and do a lot of research on how to operate in areas of supply of the drinks and any other relevant requirement.

You need to evaluate yourself whether you are really the right person to operate this kind of business, you must be a man of the people always ready to shake strangers hands and socialize and laugh with people. The team of your employees should be competitive and trustworthy. You don’ necessarily need to be a high riser in this kind of business but you should be enough sleep to guarantee you to work until 3 or 4 am, discuss with your family how your business venture will affect them. You will be forced to report at your bar at 10 am or 11 am and supervise to ensure that the running is smooth until 4am or 5am, this will be a very tight schedule and you have to make your family aware about it. Once the employees are well trained then then you will adjust your tight schedule and delegate the duties

Be responsible for everything that goes on in your bar, the staff should be trained on how to serve the drinks responsibly, alcohol is a sensitive drink and it affects many people. It is good to learn the local and the state laws of operating bar business. Care for customers and know when it is time to stop the customer, if you care for them then you are assured of repeat business instead risking their life and putting the customer in danger. The staff should know their duties, a good staff can make your bar stand out and the bartender should be well trained on how to serve different drinks and mixing the cocktails. The staff should be extremely good and friendly.

Purchase a POS system which is computerized system and it will make a track of the transactions and keep records of sales. Create offers for your drink it might be a specific drink or a specific day when you will be having offers or additional entertainment, this strategy will help you cut the competitors and win more customers. Organize the bar and create sufficient space to avoid people bumping on each other.

Market your business using a word of mouth or conducting promotions and putting tents to create awareness, market all your benefits and offers. Keep cleanliness in your bar customers notice dirt restrooms so make the customers comfortable. Keep all the equipment’s in working condition; this will include the coolers and the ice making machines, this will avoid inconveniences. Keep on changing the menu and the stock, this makes you bring new brands and do away with those which are not selling.

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