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How To Set Up A Twitter Account For Marketing A Business Venture In Kenya

how to set up a twitter account for marketing a business venture in kenya


The use of Social Media in Kenya have been widely grown due to the advancement of technology and the provision of cheap and fast internet connectivity in the country. Social media platforms have thereby been established to operate In Kenya and the most popular include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Palm Chat and many more. This platforms have enable people to be able to make friends and well as set up business which are successful through them. The social media platforms ensure that the people are able to view the different ideas that people have in the market.

Twitter being one of the most unique social media platforms ensure that the business set up through it is prosperous. However, certain steps should be followed for the success of the business through Twitter. The steps that should be followed for the successful set up of the account are as described;

First, you need to present your brand by choosing a Username for your business profile in the Twitter platform. This username should ensure that it is closely related to the type of business that you have. In the choice of a username, you should avoid punctuation as this will harden the search of the name on mobile device. Twitter also presents the user with a profile picture and therefore, you should ensure that the profile background and picture is related to the business or describe the idea behind the business.

Second, build a strong foundation which is done by fully completing the twitter profile by providing details about everything that is to take place in the business. In the completion of the profile, do not leave out the three main features that are very important, and these are location which tell people where they can find you but avoid using local names as people may be following you from other states or country and therefore provide the finest details about the location, website by providing your potential followers and customers with a website address or blog but consider using another special landing page as well as Bio which is used to tell people who you are and what you do and also explain the benefits you deliver.

Thirdly, start following people in the Twitter world but you should be very selective on who to follow and they should include your customers, business partners, vendors and suppliers, your competitors or peers, trade organizations, businesses in the neighbourhood as well as business run by people you know. As soon as you have followed all people you are interested in for the success of the business, start talking to people through tweeting, replying, mentions, retweeting and direct message for the growth of your business. In the talk, you should talk smarter by giving them truthful and useful information to ensure that you attract all the customers as well as learn from the responses the taste of the customers as well as their expectations. The main of the talking was to ensure that you grow a very good following and after its achievement, your business would be in a better position in the market.

Fourthly, drive the traffic to the business website or blog by creating a tweet around a link of the blog or website. This will make your heavy followers to be directed to the website or blog of your products and business services. After this, you are now ready to connect to the online business presence which can be done by adding the twitter account information to the social media account information on your blog or website, add a timeline of your twitter messages to the website or blog or by making it easier for people to share your website or blog content on twitter.

Lastly, you should ensure that you get mobile with twitter so that you can get all the updates, tweets, messages and followers comments on the go and from anywhere. From this, you can also strengthen your business by adding photographs of your business, video clips about your business in the timeline as well as organize your followers in a conversational lists of their respective groups to ensure that their messages are sorted easily and you can therefore act upon them effectively



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