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How to register with Kenya Bureau of standards (KEBS)

how to register with kenya bureau of standards kebs


Kenya Bureau of standards provides lab testing, training and metrological skills, all the goods and services commercialized in Kenyan market should have a mark of quality from Kenya Bureau of standards to prevent consumer exploitation, Kenya Bureau of standards ensures that the raw materials and the final products are tested. This ensures that the products are safe for consumption regionally and internationally.

Application can be done online by filling the forms attached in their website, there are different types of forms according to the need of the client, there is a diamond mark application form, fortification logo application form, training program form and vessel arrival notification form. You can also visit their office in Popo road, off Mombasa road in South C. Apply through The Managing Director, KEBS, Popo road off Mombasa road South C, P. O Box 54974 00200, Nairobi.

Kenya Bureau of standards structure is comprised of four divisions; standards development and international trade union division, Quality assurance division, Finance and administration division, testing, and metrology services division. Kenya Bureau of standards also has a council which supervises and control the administration and financial management of the bureau.

Kenya Bureau of standards has a duty to verify goods before exportation and importation; this ensures that the goods do not have a health impact on the health and safety of the final consumer. Kenya Bureau of standards intervenes in all areas of production including food production, Textile and leather production, Agriculture, Electro technical production, Chemical production, mechanical production, civil engineering, ICT and service sector which involves the tourism, educational and financial services.

Kenya Bureau of standards ensures consumer protection in areas of health, safety, and economic interests. It focuses on consumer rights to quality of goods, on the other hand it helps the production companies to access new markets and free and fair trade in integrated market.

Keeping of standards is a key thing to humanity, a world without standards would be a very dangerous world for any living thing to survive. The right specifications must be set and communicated for the country to operate the right and safe way, thanks to Kenya Bureau of standards for standing out to ensure safety of humanity. Through adherence to safety measures, national wealth and quality of life are improved.

Goods and services which has quality marks provide confidence to consumers, quality awareness is improved among the consumers, the manufactures raise the quality of their production to satisfy the customers, the incidences of sub standards products is reduced, fair trade is facilitated because only the companies which meet the required standards survive, this reduces unhealthy competition.

Kenyans should be aware of their rights, they should purchase goods and services which are inspected and certified by the authorized bodies of inspection, consumers should be aware about the illegality of goods which are not certified, they can be harmful to your health, imagine of the people who perish because of consuming locally brewed beer. Other products like medicine are also dangerous if it is not the certified medicine by the ministry of health. When enrolling for a college make sure that it is ISO certified meaning that it meets the required standards to offer such service, ISO ensures international standard for quality management of businesses. When staring your production business go for inspection service at Kenya Bureau of standards, this will make you confidence in operating your business and open up a bigger market for your goods and services.

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