How To Increase Profits On An Mpesa Business Within Nairobi City In Kenya

by Kinlark-nafas Nafasi  - June 16, 2023

If you walk around the city of Nairobi today, there is a business that you will find to be quite prominent in every Nairobi Street that you go to; the color Green- which signifies Mpesa shops in Kenya. In most instances, many people relate the green color with Safaricom outlets in Kenya and mostly Mpesa outlets in Kenya.  There is no doubt that Safaricom in Kenya is the largest and most used mobile service provider in Kenya today.  The Safaricom Company in Kenya commands a lions-share in terms of customer numbers and service coverage. This state of affairs in the mobile service in Kenya is not likely to change any time soon.

Do you run an Mpesa outlet within the Nairobi CBD today or do you intend to start an Mpesa shop in Kenya? Does your Mpesa shop in Nairobi receive the right number of customers every other day? Do you need to boost the number of transactions you get per day on your Mpesa shop in Nairobi? Well, this piece of information on Mpesa business in Nairobi will serve to inspire you a great deal. Running an Mpesa outlet within Nairobi is just as tedious as the case would be for any other kind of business in Kenya. Making a business successful in Kenya requires lots of commitment and most importantly, having an open mind at all times.

How do you increase customer numbers trickling in your Mpesa stall in Nairobi?

There is a wide range of effective strategies to improve an Mpesa business in Kenya which Kenyans can employ.  You need to go for those strategies which directly impact on the inclination of the customers in Kenya. Customers in Nairobi should be motivated to stop over and check out what you have to offer in your Mpesa shop. Nairobi is one of the most competitive cities in Kenya today. In that case here is a way to set you Mpesa shop apart from other shops in Nairobi:

Proper signage of the Mpesa Shop in Nairobi

Having the proper signage is perhaps the most important element which you need to consider when you want to draw many customers in Nairobi to your Mpesa stall.  There instances where Mpesa stalls in the city of Nairobi are rather overcrowded. You also find that many types of businesses have been set up in those stalls around these Mpesa stalls in Nairobi. If your Mpesa stall in Nairobi is located among different types of businesses in Nairobi, you should erect a proper sign and direction to your Mpesa stall. A proper sign for an Mpesa stall in Nasirobi entail perhaps an LED sign that directs them to your Mpesa stall. That way, you can be assured that any person around who requires MPESA services will come to you with ease. Most businesses in Nairobi town have proper signs for instance Mpesa shops along Tom Mboya Street especially the area opposite Kenya National Archives building in Nairobi city centre.

Stock up the Mpesa stall in Nairobi with mobile accessories

Rather than having to restrict yourself to Mpesa services only, you can broaden your scope and start selling mobile phone accessories in Nairobi. By doing this, you will be able to attract many customers and just not be limited to those who require Mpesa services only.  Even as people come to buy these mobile accessories in Nairobi, they will want to create a close relationship with you and your business. To get more from an Mpesa business in Kenya, ensure that your customer relations skills are top notch in the Mpesa shop.  If you can get the best mobile phone accessories and sell them within your Mpesa stall in Nairobi, you will get more customers. Some of the mobile accessories in Kenya which you can sell on your Mpesa shop in Nairobi include phone cases, batteries, SIM cards, earphones, headphones, and even you can also offer phone charging services. The Mpesa stalls along Mfangano Street in Nairobi mostly provide Mpesa services and also sell the mobile accessories in town.

If you have loyal customers in your Mpesa outlet in Nairobi, you can ask them to refer your stall to their friends and relatives to you.  By doing this, you will also be broadening your reach and scope. To be a successful Mpesa business person in Nairobi, you also need to select a strategic place for your Mpesa. Areas in Nairobi without Mpesa shops around the same place, areas in Nairobi with universities or campuses and colleges, areas in Nairobi with the high numbers of people on a daily basis and many other aspects. Choosing a strategic position for your Mpesa is important in reducing competition and attracting large numbers of customers in Nairobi. For instance in Nairobi Mpesa shops are many in areas with colleges like the area on Moi Avenue with Africa Nazarene Campus, on University way where there is University of Nairobi and KEMU. These are classic ways through which you can make your Mpesa business profitable in Nairobi while you also get to earn from the side hustles.

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