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How Lipa Na MPESA Service By Safaricom Company Works In Kenya

how lipa na mpesa service by safaricom company works in kenya


The boom in Kenyans pursuing private businesses cannot be ignored. Kenyans are very resourceful people. The resilience of Kenyans is well known all over the world when it comes to businesses. In this day and age, being employed is not guaranteed after one completes university or college in Kenya. Self-employment in Kenya is becoming the better option for many Kenyans. Safaricom company in Kenya knows this and has stepped up to help businesses in Kenya run more smoothly. The Lipa Na MPESA service provided by Safaricom in Kenya is one of the many brilliant innovations that Safaricom continues to create. Lipa Na MPESA in Kenya is a service that is already revolutionizing the way businesses in Kenya run.

What is Lipa Na MPESA service in Kenya?

Lipa Na MPESA in Kenya is a service offered by Safaricom Company that allows business persons to receive payments for goods and services via Mpesa in Kenya. Business people in Kenya receive payments for goods and services through using MPESA Buy Goods service on Safaricom mobile phone in Kenya. The process of paying for goods and services via Mpesa in Kenya involves accessing your MPESA service, clicking on the Buy Goods option, entering the till number of the business owner and making payments. The Lipa Na Mpesa service in Kenya enables customers in Kenya to pay for goods and services without being charged the transaction fee. This means that the business owner can accept payments from KShs10 to Kshs70,000 without the customer being charged transaction fee.

How to register for the Lipa Na MPESA service in Kenya

Business owners in Kenya can register for the Lipa Na MPESA service in Kenya by signing up at a Safaricom retail shop anywhere in Kenya. Registration for Lipa Na Mpesa service in Kenya can also be done by an Safaricom authorized dealer or MPESA agent in Kenya. There are several requirements that are needed in order for registration for Lipa Na Mpesa to occur in Kenya; One needs copies of a KRA PIN certificate, identification card and a trading license. This is to ensure that your business in Kenya is registered and you can start using the Lipa Na Mpesa service. Registration of Lipa Na Mpesa service by Safaricom in Kenya is also done to lock out conmen.

Advantages of Lipa Na MPESA service in Kenya

The obvious advantage of Lipa Na Mpesa in Kenya is the paperless transaction enabled by the service which greatly reduce the risk of theft and fraud. Business owners in Kenya do not have to worry about fake currency while using Lipa Na Mpesa service in Kenya. The business owners in Kenya also do not have to worry about looking for loose change to give to their customers while using Lipa Na Mpesa service in Kenya. Another advantage of Lipa Na Mpesa service in Kenya is increased and enhanced business efficiency. When customers in Kenya pay via the Lipa Na Mpesa service, the business owner does not waste time on counting cash, verifying authenticity and looking for change. Customers in Kenya can also order for goods and pay for them before picking them up or having them delivered. In fact, many supermarkets in Kenya have started utilizing the Lipa Na Mpesa service to enhance online shopping in Kenya. This way a customer can shop online in Kenya, pay for the goods and await delivery from the comfort of their home.

Safaricom Company has been on the forefront of major innovations in the telecommunication world in Kenya. Safaricom Company in Kenya has enabled regular Kenyans to access products and services that were previously unavailable to them. Businesses in Kenya can greatly benefit from this Lipa Na Mpesa service. The benefits and convenience make Lipa Na Mpesa service very valuable to all business owners in Kenya.

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