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Gakoromone, Soko Mjinga And Makutano Markets In Meru Town In Kenya

gakoromone soko mjinga and makutano markets in meru town in kenya


Meru Town in Kenya is located approximately 250km away from the city of Nairobi and is in Meru County, one of the main food baskets of Kenya. The good weather of Meru Town in Kenya creates very favorable conditions for a very wide variety of crops to do well. This in turn leads to high production of food crops and vegetables in Meru county in Kenya (mainly Bananas, Potatoes, cabbages, tomatoes, arrow roots etc) and thus the need for a market to enable the sale of the produce.

With the production of these products increasing in Meru Kenya, so has the development of market places in Meru for the sale of these products taken place. There are three major or main markets found in Meru in Kenya for any type of agricultural produce. These major markets in Meru are: Gakoromone Market, Soko-mjinga and Makutano market.

Gakoromone market in Meru Kenya is located off Meru-Mikinduri Road. Gakoromone Market in Kenya is the largest market in Meru and offers the widest variety of all the agricultural produce that is available in Meru County. Gakoromone Market is regarded as the main market for the Meru town as most of the items are first delivered to Gakoromone Market before being dispatched to other markets in Kenya. Gakoromone Market in Kenya also offers the best prices due to high competition and the wide variety available in the market in Meru. Kenyan Traders from other regions of Kenya often frequent Gakoromone market place to purchase various commodities in large quantities and then ferry them to other areas for sale at significantly higher prices. Several cereals stores and the municipal (Marikiti) market are adjacent to the Gakoromone open air market in Meru.

The Soko-mjinga market in Meru is located in Meru town central business district next to the Main bus stage. Soko Mjinga market in Meru is frequented by travellers and other people working within the Meru town in Kenya. One can find fruits and vegetables, clothes, shoes and electronics during the season in Soko Mjinga market in Meru town. Prices of commodities in Soko Mjinga market in Meru in Kenya are relatively expensive in comparison to the Gakoromone market. However, in comparison to Gakoromone market, Soko Mjinga market is much more organized and tidy and thus offers much more ease and comfort for its shoppers.

Makutano market in Meru is also another market offering the same type of commodities as the Gakoromone market and Soko Mjinga market, but it is located in Makutano in Kenya. Makutano market in Meru is located at the junction of Meru-Maua and Meru-Nanyuki Roads in Makutano. The commodities in Makutano market in Kenya are fairly priced in comparison to Soko-Mjinga in town and it serves the people residing in Milimani, Kaaga and Kinoru areas in Meru County in Kenya.

The markets in Meru offer a very wide variety of agricultural produce which is usually very fresh from the farm and at very fair and reasonable prices thus making them the most ideal market places to shop for such products in the Meru town.

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