Fresh Fruit Juice Manufactures and Bottlers in Kenya

by Kinlark-nafas Nafasi  - June 16, 2023

Kenya been an industrialized nation has established various manufacturing and processing industries which extract raw materials from the farmers in Kenya. For instance, the paper manufacturing industries in Kenya need trees from agriculture sector for manufacture of papers, the textile and Clothing industries need wool from sheep which are reared by the farmers and the pesticide manufacturing industries which need pyrethrum for their manufacture and supply of these products.

Farmers have also seen the importance of growing fruits as they give them more benefits economically and also health wise. Fruits which are of varied types can also be used as raw materials to industries which process and bottle the fruit juice for sale to the market. The common fruits which can be used for raw materials in the processing of juice may include Mangoes, Oranges, Strawberry, Pawpaw, Lemons and many more fruits. Kenya has therefore seen the benefits from the processing of these fruits to fresh juice and therefore several industries have been established to manufacture, process, and bottle and supply these fruit juice products in the market. The prosperous and the experienced fruit juice manufactures in the market world may include;


This company offer the best fruit juice products as they have realized that many people have turned to the use of fruit juice as compared to soft drinks. Their products have no additives and are made straight from fresh fruits. To ensure quality of their products, they do not add any preservatives or pasteurizers and the fruits used as selected from certified suppliers who have fulfilled certain regulatory requirements. Their juices are available in various supermarkets in various flavors such as mango, pineapple, and carrot and orange.


They are the manufacturers of the commonly known “LITE” products in the market. They produce the highest quality of fresh fruit juices and bottle them to supply to the market. Other products that they offer include exciting fruit and vegetable combination to a range such as carrot as well as pineapple. They can supply their products to hotels and supermarket and thereby to order for their services, they can be contacted through +254 721 45453 or email [email protected] or [email protected]

Mtwapa Fruit Processing Plant

They are the manufacturer of high standards of fruit juices branded “Picana products and Milly products” as they use sophisticated modern machineries and technology for the best products. Mtwapa Fruit Processing Plant processes large quantity of tropical fruits like Mangoes, Passions, Orange, Grapefruit and Pineapple. Products include fruit concentrates, fruit juice and fruit drinks which are real, fresh and 100% pure fruit extract.

Del Monte Ltd

This is a well-established company which specialized in the canning and production of fresh fruit juices which are supplied in all the market locally and abroad. The fruit juices by Del Monte are packed in various quantities and in various packages. The major products of Del Monte that are well known and common include the Pineapple juice extracts where the raw materials are available in the surrounding of this plant as it is situated in Thika, Mango, Orange and many more flavor.


This company ensure that it supplies the market with the best brands of fruit based juices which are 100% fruit extracts. They manufacture and supply the fruit juices as they brand it “TAMU products”. TAMU juices are made from natural fruit concentrates sourced from the best orchards in the world, and are produced in different flavors to satisfy age groups, from sweet mango to nutritious multivitamin and different fruit cocktails to suit all occasions.




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