Features and Benefits Of the Nakumatt Global Card In Kenya

by Kinlark-nafas Nafasi  - July 7, 2023

Technology advancement in Kenya has been the talk of the town as many people have embraced it and use it for the benefits it has to the environment and all other sectors. Technology has improved many areas ranging from banking services, transport services to shopping and marketing of businesses. This has been improved since technology present the users with the easiest, fast and efficient method on how to tackle problems and challenges of the areas involved.

In some areas such as education and shopping, technology has enabled and ensured that the users are comfortable with the services and have the best advantages from using technology in these sectors and many others. Shopping has been eased by use of technology as people nowadays do not need to carry around cash for shopping which is risky but only a shopping card in form of a debit card which is effective, easier and more convenient to use.

Nakumatt is one of the largest retail outlet supermarkets in Kenya and East Africa and have therefore used the technological advancements to present to their customers their new Nakumatt Global Card. This card is presented to their customers to ensure that they have the best experience in shopping at any Nakumatt outlet.

Nakumatt in collaboration with Kenya Commercial Bank, Diamond Trust Bank and MasterCard has presented innovation which will make their customers’ shopping experience even more enjoyable and richer. This card allows the customers to load money onto the card for purchases at the Point on-sale Terminals (POS), cash withdrawals and online purchases at Nakumatt stores across East Africa, and ant any retailers that accepts MasterCard payment cards worldwide. Other benefits for use of the Global card is that the holder will earn points on purchases and redeem the points for shopping at any Nakumatt outlet.

The new Nakumatt Global card is managed online as the holders are presented with an online account from which they can be able to manage their cards’ use. The online portal for the card management is www.nakumattglobal.com then click on the card management tab. In this tab, you can Login using the given username and password, see overview of mini statements of the card, view the transaction history of the card use for the last 10 days, change the password and many more services and features.

How to apply and get the card

This card is a prepaid debit card and a loyalty card presented through a collaboration of KCB, DTB and MasterCard. To get the card, you can visit the nearest Nakumatt supermarket, KCB or DTB bank branches with a copy of your National I.D and fill the application form presented. If the card is collected from Nakumatt supermarket, it can be used immediately but if from the bank branches, the card needs activation which will be done after 72 hours once collected.

As a card for use in shopping, it needs to be topped-up with cash before it can be accepted by the POS for any service. To top up the card is easy and can be done from any Nakumatt supermarket at the POS or through the KCB and DTB banks. Holders can also top up through M-PESA by using the PAYBILL number 516606 where the account number is the holder mobile phone number.

The major benefits that the Nakumatt Global Card holders are presented with are that they can shop with it in Kenya and abroad where they accept MasterCard, the holders earn smart points every time they shop using the card and they can redeem the points for free shopping, the card can be used to shopping online, the holders receive SMS alerts every time they use the card, they can access and download their statements at www.nakumattglobal.com as well as load and use various currencies for shopping in any country.


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