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Crown Paints Kenya Ltd, The Kenya leading Paint Products Manufacturer

crown paints kenya ltd the kenya leading paint products manufacturer


Most of the Kenyans have seen the importance and the benefits of investing in the real estate sector. This sector thus involves a lot of building of structures in form of all types and designs of houses which require many equipment through their completion. The major equipment and tools required may include cement, stones, sand, bricks or blocks, iron sheets, pillars, paints and much more tools.

This therefore require the investor or the person trying to build their houses be ready for the provision of all these tools and requirements. The most of the important part in the building process is the finishing procedure. All the people want their houses to be beautiful and have the best designs that outdo all the standards of the common houses. They therefore have to use the best quality products to achieve this. The best quality paint in a house will achieve the most objectives of those building their houses.

Thus the major problem is to identify the best paints in the market as there are very many brands which are out for sale. All the paints have different products and the manufacturer assure the customers that they are the best. However, Crown Paints Kenya Ltd has come to the rescue of these customers.

Crown Paints Kenya Ltd is the best industry in paint products that ensure that the customers experience the best out of their products. This company has been in the market for over 50 years and therefore have the taste of their customers and this has ensured that they provide the highest standards of the products. For their best services to their customers, they have partnered with various industries locally and internationally some of which include DuPoint Teflon surface protector, Crown Paints UK, Mastermix Automotive, Nexa Automotive, Flowcrete South Africa, Regal Paints Uganda and Hempel.

Crown Paints Kenya Ltd offer decorative products to their customers which range from products that can be used within all residential houses, factories, offices and public buildings for the main purpose of decoration and protection. Through their computerized color system, they present over 2000 color shades available in various popular interior and exterior finishes. Most of the decorative range are Gloss oil based, Emulsion water based, Textured Finishes special effects, wood finishes, Roof paints, Floor Paints and Next generation finishes

This manufacturing company also ensure that their customers have the best knowledge on how best to use their products. This company provide information to their clients who will educate the painters on how to use their products. They present the educative programmes such as the Crown Decorator services to educate their customers on how well to use their decorative products as well as Crown Paint Specifier which are guidelines to their customers on the best paints and decorative products that they can use and get the best out of them in the different surfaces and environments.

The customers who are interested in the products and services of this Kenya leading paint manufacture or for any assistance and enquiries can get in touch with them through their contacts. They can be reach through P.O Box 78848 – 00507 at Likoni Road, Industrial area Nairobi, through Telephone +254 20 6533604, +254 703 333777, +254 703 333888 or through email [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected]    


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