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Chinese goods and services trading in Kenya: Kenya,s loyalty to China government

chinese goods and services trading in kenya kenya s loyalty to china government


China and Kenya relationship has existed for over forty three years; the relationship is purely based on business related projects, imports and exports. Chinese government has developed a strong brand name of their products and also government projects. Kenya benefits from China market through export of Agricultural produce. China is well known for its engineering expertise in construction, mining sector and oil exploration, Kenya lacks such expertise and it has much depended on Chinese government for the national development, Chinese government has been loyal to deliver according to the agreement, Kenyan government in return believes in their service.

China government has been winning several contracts in Kenya including construction of major roads, construction of institutions and the recent contract to construct railway line. These contracts are billion valued contracts. Kenya imports a wide range of products from the Chinese government, stocks of many shops and stalls in Nairobi is full of china made products. The products range from electronics, machines, clothes, cookery, baby toys, motor bikes, and herbal medicine and construction materials. Chinese loyal business with Kenya has created employment too; many Kenyans start their own business through selling china products.

Chinese business loyalty with Kenya takes a bigger market share compared to other countries like Japan, USA, South Africa, UAE, India, Saudi Arabia, Germany and UK. Goods shipment from China is cheap and easy with many companies offering shipment and bulk Airmail services at a lower cost. Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta has signed agreement with Chinese government; the contract invites Chinese investors in Kenya. Investors will produce their products locally hence creating jobs to Kenyans, the products will also be available in the market at a cheaper price. Kenyan economy will also be raised because of exporting those products.

China is a wonderful country to trade with, it is a peaceful country and they never breach their contracts. Technologically they are in a higher level hence boosting the Kenyans economic and technological development. Their products are affordable to Kenyan market hence bringing satisfaction to the final consumer. Chinese government has aided Kenya in globalization preventing Kenya from facing tough challenges of trading with other countries to get the same services and products. Some other countries impose high tariffs and others exploit African countries through globalization.

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