Best Employers of Kenya

best employers of kenya




The company is one of the best employers offering Kenyans with a wide range of employment opportunities. Bidco is among the fastest growing industries in the country and that gives it the reason to continue getting more room for Kenyans to fill the gap of busy operations taking place in the company. Bidco is spreading to other parts of the country and that makes it open for anyone that wants to apply for vacancy at their various branches. The prices are so friendly that encourages the members of the country to buy goods in bulk.


The company is the best network and communication service provider in the country. Safaricom continues to do well more especially by employing more Kenyans due to the many number of operations taking place in the area. The company has for a longtime been of much help to the society by offering to support major events that take place in them. It has taken over the kasarani stadium showing that it is growing at a faster rate and encouraging development in the country. The company continues to grow daily and more business opportunities are becoming more in the nation.


The company is one of the best employers having some of the largest number of workers in the nation. It has offered various employment opportunities to people in various fields of life such as accounting, engineering and human resource centers. Many students that finish their higher education continue to and various vacancies in the place and more other opportunities continue to come.


The media industry is arguably the best in offering journalists with a lot of business opportunities to deliver a wide range of information basing on the various researches conducted in the places. The company has employed many Kenyans with talents in various fields as it has some of the best television programmes in Kenya. Royal media has won several awards and continues to extend to major parts of the world trying to deliver and distribute information at large.


The company is one of the fastest growing companies in the country. It has employed many Kenyans more especially the ones that do well in studies. The bank offers cheap way o keeping financial information and has since. It is spreading to many parts of the world for the sake of extending their services to the places. Equity has done well to support community projects and sponsors students and other people in need.

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