Best Businesses To Invest Around JomoKenyatta University

by Kinlark-nafas Nafasi  - August 6, 2022

The areas around campus have a lot of business ventures that anyone wishing to be successful can go ahead and invest in them. It has been realized that many people often complain of the problem of not being paid well but there are plenty of opportunities that a person can use and make money hence becoming richer. The following are some of the ideal business ideas that a person can invest in.

Fashion Business

Majority of campus students love fashion and anyone that can risk investing in the business will surely have a lot of time to invest and make more money. It has come to the realization that youths love dressing in the latest trends of clothes and they always demand for more. It is therefore important that one tries to invest in the business for them to succeed and achieve much progress in their life.


The business will surely have plenty of customers that are in most cases students. People cannot survive without food and that makes it the best reason for one to risk supplying food to the respective students. The business is good as the variation in hours of lecturing will make it convenient for business personnel to have stable floor of customers each and every hour of the day. The person should as well have different varieties of foods that they can go ahead to supply and make more money. It is one of the best businesses around campus.


One of the most basic requirements of human beings is called shelter. Many businesses that specialize in offering accommodation to students in form of hostels are arguably the most reliable and best paying business around the university. Many students will want to stay in a place that they can have easy access to the classrooms and eventually studying under peaceful conditions. It is therefore advisable for one to invest in the business and make money.


The campus institution has a lot of many students that need their assignments to be typed and be submitted within the shortest time possible. Due to this fact, it can be said that individuals using computers to make money can earn a lot from the students. The business has a lot of activities such as photocopying documents and other related fields. It is ideal around campus institutions.

Ereto Health Centre
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