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Beneficial Products Available To Members Of Masaku Teacher Sacco In Kenya

beneficial products available to members of masaku teacher sacco in kenya


Masaku Teachers Sacco in Kenya is one of the leading microfinance Sacc in Machakos County in Kenya with almost over 20,000 active members. Masaku Teachers Sacco in Kenya was initially founded as a Teachers Sacco in Kenya and only admitted those teachers in Machakos part of Kenya who were then registered with Teachers Service Commission (TSC) board in Kenya. Masaku Teachers Sacco main head office is located at Machakos CBD. Machakos Town in Kenya is around 62 km from Nairobi city in Kenya. With the vision to be a unique first choice financial institution in Kenya and east Africa at large, Masaku Teachers Sacco in Kenya has been promoting the socio-economic well being of its members through many activities such as helping them save and also providing teacher loans in Kenya.

Masaku Teachers Sacco in Machakos has two sections namely; FOSA section of Masaku Teachers Sacco and BOSA section of Masaku Teachers Sacco. FOSA section of Masaku Teachers Sacco in Kenya is the banking section of the financial institution in Machakos -which merely operates as ordinary banks. With its own activities separate from BOSA section but interworking together, the FOSA sectionnof Masaku Teachers Sacco has the following products for the Masaku Teachers Sacco members in Kenya; fixed deposit accounts in Kenya, saving accounts in Kenya, FOSA loans in Kenya, pumua loans in Kenya, Hekima loans in Kenya, Mpesa services and salary & pension advances services in Kenya. This FOSA section of Masaku Teachers Sacco operates from 0800 hours to 1600 hours on working days. The above mentioned services provided in FOSA section are delivered within a short time frame, since the section has embraced high technology in Kenya. For a member to qualify for the FOSA loans in Masaku Teachers Sacco, he/she must be an active member using salary/pension pay point account in Kenya, must have three current pay slips, has loan repayment ability in Kenya and three guarantors who are still able to pay in case of defaulting by the loan holder in Masaku Teachers Sacco. The features of the FOSA loan in Kenya can be downloaded from Masaku Teachers Sacco website at http://www.masakuteachersacco.com/ .

BOSA section of Masaku Teachers Sacco is the back office section of the Sacco in Machakos -which has the main departments such as Account & internal audit department, finance department and IT department. Similarly to the FOSA section, BOSA section of Masaku Teachers Sacco has its products to its members such as Normal loan in Kenya under which one can get emergency loans in Kenya, normal loans advances in Kenya and emergency loan advances in Kenya. The requirements to obtain normal loan products in Kenya via Masaku Teachers Sacco, the member should have an active account with clean records, a copy of latest pay slip in Kenya and his/her national ID card.

This Masaku Teachers Sacco main security to the issued loans in Kenya are the monthly contributed shares by the members. Therefore, the members of Masaku Teachers Sacco in Machakos are highly encouraged to contribute the monthly deduction since the more the share account in Kenta has, the more one can qualify in his/her loan application in Kenya. The repayment period of the Masaku Teachers Sacco loans in Kenya is also favorable to its members. Masaku Teachers Sacco in Kenya has branches in Masaku Teachers Sacco Machakos branch, Masaku Teachers Sacco Makueni branch and Masaku Teachers Sacco Kajiando County branch in Kenya.

Masaku teachers Sacco in Kenya in Machakos is located opposite KCB bank Machakos branch in Kenya just near the Machakos Mosque in Kenya. Masaku Teachers Sacco Machakos Branch is hosted by Mwalimu Centre Building in Machakos CBD. The mail contacts of Masaku Teachers Sacco Machakos are; [email protected]  and [email protected] . You can also reach Masaku Teachers Sacco Machakos branch in Kenya via P.O.Box 818-90100, Machakos Kenya.

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