A Comparison Of Major Supermarkets In Kenya

by Kinlark-nafas Nafasi  - June 2, 2023

Kenya has countless supermarkets spread all over the country. This is bearing in mind that we only know the famous ones. Do these supermarkets in Kenya all serve their purpose? The famous supermarkets range from Naivas, Nakumatt, Turskys, Ukwala, Uchumi and many others. These supermarkets have branches all over the country especially in the major towns.

Uchumi supermarket in Kenya has undergone a lot of challenges. Bad times befell it which saw to its closure for a while. During Uchumis absence, its main Competitor Nakumatt grew in bounds. Funny, one of its major shareholders is a politician from lower eastern, business Mongul Harun Mwau. You must admire this guy. Everything he touches turns to gold, even Coke.

But Uchumi has nine lives like a cat. By the way, who counted those lives? I can\’t imagine someone trying to kill a poor cat nine times. Human beings can be cruel. Uchumi supermarket in Kenya however with help from the government of Kenya crawled back to its feet. A few years down the line it was enlisted back to the Nairobi Stock Exchange.

The three supermarkets that control the Kenyan market are therefore, Uchumi supermarket, Nakumatt and Naivas supermarket.

On top of the popularity list, we give the medal to Nakumatt. Nakumatt in Kenya has branches in all major towns in Kenya and keeping true to their logo, \’you need it we have got it\’, the supermarket is the most shopped in Kenya. Nakumatt stands out among the rest of the supermarkets in Kenya.

Next time you go shopping you can go to Jack and Jill, Ukwala or Budget Supermarket. Oops! Jack and Jill is no longer functional! In case you want to follow the multitude of Kenyans, you can come to Nakumatt. You will find me there that\’s for sure. That is you choose other branches apart from the Westlands branch!! Westgate attack on the nakumatt building got me scared!

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