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Why Kenyan youths should get involved in Agribusiness -best deal from

115 why kenyan youths should get involved in agribusiness best deal from amiran kenya ltd


Why Kenyan youths should get involved in Agribusiness -best deal from


Why Kenyan youths should get involved in Agribusiness -best deal from AMIRAN Kenya ltd.

Kenya has been facing challenges due to unemployment which many has termed it as world economic disaster, the government of Kenya therefore has been in the fore front encouraging the unemployed youths to get involved with agribusiness to earn their living. Kenya has blessed with fertile soils across the country which can support many different vegetables. Actually agriculture is the second best economic avenue of this country though many people are becoming reluctant and focusing only on white colour jobs.

The government has been streaming a lot of funds to empower youths and partnered with other stakeholders to help them to strongly start agribusiness.

Amiran Kenya has been the biggest supporter of these programmes. The Amiran Farmer’s Kit (AFK) was created with the aim of allowing small scale farmers affordable access to modern agricultural technologies, methods and inputs of the highest standard. Designed by Amiran Kenya Ltd, the AFK is a tailor made Kit designed to meet the needs of the specific farmer or group of farmers by adapting the components of the Kit to suit the climate, terrain, and agricultural experience of the farmer.

The AFK incorporates innovative agricultural technologies including the Family Drip System (FDS), an easy to use gravity based drip irrigation system, a Farmer’s Greenhouse and top quality agro-inputs such as Seeds, Fertilizers and Agro-Chemicals.

The AFK comes complete with installation, training and an agro-support package that would allow Amiran to teach the “Amiran Farmer” how to grow and then stay with the farmer throughout the season to ensure the best results.

The AFKs are custom made by Amiran Kenya Ltd for individuals and particular groups of farmers and include all the necessary ingredients required for one season’s successful harvest of a selected crop.

Amiran Kenya’s agricultural basket of products includes chemicals, fertilizers and seeds; large and small scale agro-projects using state of the art technology powering modern irrigation systems, climate control and water measuring technologies. Amiran is also responsible for building and maintaining 90% of Kenya’s greenhouses. Complimenting all of these is a team of professional agronomists offering the best technical advice as well as innovative products aimed to achieve the best possible yields.

The Youth Enterprise Development Fund (YEDF) and Amiran Kenya Ltd partnered to support young farmers in acquiring a tailor made Amiran Farmers Kit (AFK) designed specifically for the AgriVijana Loan. YEDF started the AgriVijana Loan to help youth, who are in groups, to get involved in Agribusiness by purchasing the unique AFK’s each with 2 greenhouses and a large irrigated area.

In its first phase, the AgriVijana Loan is provided to 2 groups each with 10 members who are youth in every constituency in Kenya. Phase 2 of the loan, which will follow in several months, will offer the loan to youth throughout the country.

The loan will be provided to youth groups across the country to buy a complete farmers kit from Amiran Kenya

The Agri-Vijana Amiran Farmer’s Kit, contains 2 greenhouses, a drip irrigation system for the greenhouses and 400m of open field, a water tank, plant support system, Gold Medal Seeds to be grown inside the greenhouses and in the open field, high quality fertilizers for one season, crop protection products for one season, a farmer’s sprayer, nursery set, health and safety protective gear, training, agro-support, and AFK insurance.

Now the government introduced the UWEZO FUNDS still towards empowering youths, I can encourage Youths to take this chance and get some of these agri-loans and also seek agriculture based advice from relevant companies offering support to them.

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