Top Kenya Coast musicians

top kenya coast musicians


Mombasa has been on the news lately for all the wrong reasons. Bestiality and child pornography perpetrated by foreigners, high rate of school dropouts, polyandry and witchcraft are just some of the ills that bedevil this county. That aside, the scandal ravaged coastal city of Mombasa has also its good side. The beautiful beaches attract tourists like moths to a flame. Tourism is the largest foreign exchange source after agriculture. The showbiz industry is also alive with the likes of Nyota Ndogo, Cannibal and Sharama making a big impact beyond the confines of Mombasa. Here are some of the big time entertainers from the coastal city of Mombasa.

  • Ally B is one of the hottest lyricists from the Coast region. The multi-talented coasterian is adept at acting, songwriting, dancing, nurturing upstart artists making him an all rounded artist. Ally B has been a past winner of the Nzumari awards for the Best Male Artist and Song of the Year Awards.

  • Susumila Sumumila aka Yusuf Kombo rap skills are undeniable. His rise to fame was propelled by his two albums Ngangari and Haki Iko Wapi that cemented his position as the best MC in Mombasa.

  • Nyota Ndogo – She’s one of the most successful artists in Kenya and the finest from the coast city. She started out as a house girl before her nascent talent was discovered. She has three albums under her belt and has hits that have topped the charts both in Kenya and the wider East African region.

  • Tiera Gee – She has a million dollar voice and the way she gyrates on stage is not short of genius. Her killer looks, sense of fashion and humility further endears to her legion of fans..

  • DJ Lenium Michel Jerry Otieno, or DJ Lenium as he is popularly known, is one of the finest Deejays East Africa. The HomeBoyz Academy alumni has graced major shows in Mombasa and won many accolades thanks to his mad mixing skills. The multi-talented DJ has scooped over 7 awards in his illustrious career spanning over 10 years.

  • DJ Elonn He is one of the most lethal DJ in Coast County. The co-founder of the well-grounded Trybe Deejays unit have held major shows in Mombasani with the likes of DJ Kaytrixx,

  • Lucky Balaa – His breakthrough came when he participated in Top Comic comedy competition hosted by Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki in 2009. His rib cracking punch lines thrust him to the limelight and he has never slowed down.

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