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The Most Rich Musicians In Kenya

the most rich musicians in kenya


Most, if not all of Kenyan musicians have not declared their worth. The only way to find out how much they have is going through MCSK ( Music Copyright Societies of Kenya) archives. We can now comfortably list down the top 10 wealthiest musicians in Kenya.


Jaguar is among the finest artists in Kenya. He has been in the Kenyan industry since its infancy. He is an entrepreneur with a taxi firm, security company, auto garage and real estate. Jaguar recently received the MCSK award where he bagged millions from the event, Air Jaguar is Jaguar’s plane, which appeared in his hit music, Kipepeo. Jaguar also owns posh car brands like Bentley, Lexus, Range Rover and Mercedes Benz E240.Among his songs are Kigeugeu, Kipepeo, Matapeli and Kioo.


Nonini is a co-pioneer of Africanised Hip Hop, Genge. He works foe One FM as a Breakfast presenter. Famously referred to as The Godfather of Genge, he runs three studios that enjoy massive airplay locally, which made him the highest paid artist in 2012 by MCSK. Nonini launched a foundation, Colour kwa Face Foundation to fight for the rights of people living with albinism.


Wyre, known by the name Lovechild, is arguably the greatest artist in Kenya’s showbiz. He uniquely fuses reggae and RkB, creating massive hits. His song Nakupenda Pia, featuring Alaine is a big hit in Kenya. Wyre includes choreographed dances in his music and when performing. His wealth mainly comes from live performances, royalties and album sales.


Nameless is inreal sense, not name less. He was born David Mathenge. He first made his appearance into the music showbiz in 1999 during Capital FM’s search for a star. He is one of the most played Kenyan artists, according to statistics. Some of the tracks that Nameless has released during his career include Boomba Train, Megarider, Sinzia, Salary, Juju, African beauty and I’m coming home. Nameless has bagged many awards such as Kisima Music Awards in 2004,MTV Africa Music Awards in 2009,Channel O Music Video Awards in 2007 and Pearl of Africa Music Awards in 2006.


Habida is a talented musician and also a model. She has worked with Kiko Romeo. She majored in drama at Lewisham College, London and later music at Kennesaw State University in Atlanta. On her return home, she worked with Robert Kimanzi aka RKay a renowned producer, and succeeded in flooding radio and television stations with the single, Sunshine alongside Nameless. She has won awards like the Best Video Award at the East African CHAT Awards, 2010.


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