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The Best Sites For Streaming Live Football Matches (WORLD CUP 2014) In Kenya

the best sites for streaming live football matches world cup 2014 in kenya


Football is one of the most games or sports that the people especially the Kenyan men enjoy. Football is very popular in Kenya as many of the people even in rural areas are able to organize for their own leagues as it may be the favorite sport. However, the most common leagues that has even taken over the world is the Barclays English Premier League which is internationally recognized and played but even the local people enjoy it as they are fans of the various football clubs that participate in the League.

Recently, the advancement in technology have made it possible for the fans to be able to watch the live games online through the internet. There are sites thereby developed for the general purpose of live streaming of the games from all leagues and football games which include the ongoing FIFA World cup, that are taking place at a given time.

The sites that better off to use for the streaming include;


This is one of the best sites which the fans can watch the ongoing matches online for free. In this site, they display all the upcoming live matches, their venues, the competition, the participating teams and the time of the matches. This site also offers and display the recent highlights that have taken place all about football. From this site therefore, the user select the match they want to watch and you will live stream the match to the end.


This is another site that can be comfortably used to watch games online. In this site, the user can stream not only football but the users can also stream other games such as Hockey tournaments, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Cycling and many more games. The user just click on the tab of their interested games and it will display all the games available for streaming from all the leagues. The user can thereby click their interested games and they will stream the games live online.


This site displays all the games that will takes place specifying the venue of their action, the time of the event as well as the participating team. For instance, the world cup is the main competition that will be displayed in their main tab and the upcoming live matches that are to take place. The other advantage of using this site is that the user can be able to view other leagues apart from the main event that is currently running.


This is one of the most organized sites for live streaming of football games and upcoming matches. This site despite of live streaming of the football games, the site display other relevant information that the fans may be interested in the games world. For instance, if there is an ongoing leagues such as the championships league, they will display the pool tables as well as update the points on any games in the tables. They also offer other games such as hockey, Tennis, Basketball and many more games. They also ensure that the users are able to get games which were played when they were away or busy through provision of the games through the highlights in this site.


This site provides the option of the live streaming of the football matches that are taking place. As other best sites, they organize the games according to the competition and the country and continent from where the matches are and/or taking place. The site presents the user with a variety of tabs which include the option of other games apart from football as well as the leagues that the users are interested to watch online.


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