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Television Programs Mostly Watched By Kenyans

television programs mostly watched by kenyans


Television is Kenya’s first hand source of entertainment that appeals to everyone due to its special characteristics like affordability and wide scope of programs that are most likely to appeal to someone if not everyone. With a number of TV stations now broadcast in Kenya it is important to note that Kenyans are fond of specific programs aired on the local channels and even though it may be hard to watch everything the ideal Kenyan would by all means make up time to watch his or her most favorite program. Truth be told as Kenyans continue enjoying the world cup which is a form of seasonal event there are those who are highly disappointed to have missed out on watching their favorite programs that have been cut short due to the world cup and some of this most adored television programs are the following.

Soap opera

Soap operas have grown popular in the Kenyan entertainment industry over the years which have since led to the program being adopted on all local channels. Even though they are said to be appealing only to ladies men have also joined the band wagon of this Mexican, Brazilian, Philippian and South African imports whose main theme is about love relationships and money. The theme for these soap operas is always similar but even so it is impossible to convince someone to avoid watching the next soap after one is concluded. We do love the Alejandro entertainment very much.

Afro cinema

This is another name for the crazy Nigerian and Ghanaian movies which are loved and hated by many in equal measure and preferred by a variety of viewers. Afro cinema broadcast starts mostly in the morning on most TV channels and may go on up to four o’clock if not interrupted by a live event. The popularity of this station is evident by the way Kenya has adopted the Nigerian accent mostly in comedy like Dr. Ofweneke the Kenyan comedian and the use of words such as Oga. Themes for this program range from which craft, prostitution, wife inheritance, and cultism, child labor and native leadership which has since highlighted the true symbol of the African society.

Churchill live

This is by far one of the best comedy shows in East Africa aired on Nation Television every Sunday evening and is cast live at the celebrated carnivore grounds on Thursdays. This involves a group of comedians hosted by Churchill whose real name is Daniel Ndambuki who brings together budding talent in comedy who include the likes of Erick Omondi, Sleepy David, Fred Omondi, Chipukeezy Vinny just to mention but a few of the well-endowed talent who offer rib cracking comedy on Sunday evening hence it’s impossible to miss this once in a week chance to smile.

Wedding show

As the name suggests this is a show that broadcasts past wedding ceremonies of Kenyan couples and has become popular on TV due to the urge by people to watch this life commemorating and interesting events where young couples can pick a lesson from them or adopt a specific style. This show is a highlight of the fast growing Kenyan entertainment industry with a future where good things are bound.

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