Places To Ice Skate In Kenya

places to ice skate in kenya


The Panari hotel is located near the airport, in Nairobi. This establishment is near this luxury hotel is near Nairobi City Stadium and Nyayo National Stadium. These are two main attractions for the hotel. Another factor is that it is close to Strathmore University and Nairobi Railway Museum.One of the greatest hotel features is that it has outdoor pool and a sauna. The hotel also features a full-service spa and a nightclub. This is a great outlet for the people who want to have fun and to relax. In the rooms the TVs are great and they have very many satellite channels. The guestrooms also have complimentary wireless Internet access, refrigerators, and air conditioning. This gives the guests a great and memorable stay in the hotel. For the health conscious people, there is also a fitness center, a sauna and a steam room on offer. This hotel features an outdoor pool and people will need to carry their swimming costumes and towels. It has a great pool with crystal clear water. For the people who plan to stay for long, there are dry cleaning/laundry services. This means that people do not have to carry dirty clothes when they leave. One on-site winter fun is snowshoeing. The hotel has great staff who assist with tour/ticket assistance, express check-in and express check-out. The other amenities include ATM/banking services, an elevator (lift), laundry facilities and shopping on site.

On the second floor is 1 of 2 equatorial African ice rinks. This is one of the coldest places in Nairobi because it is 12°C and an ice temperature of -25°C The other ice rink is located in Nigeria. The rink measures 32 × 12 meters and has an ice skating surface area of 15,000 square feet and it can hold 200 skaters at a time. The Charges include roller skates though people are required to come armed with clothes and protective wear. The price is Ksh 800 for adults (15 years and above) and Ksh 600 for children for a one hour session. The ice arena is opened through the week and you can check in between 11am and 10pm.  Pick-up hockey matches are organized every Wednesday through the Kenya Ice Hockey League. Sticks, pucks and limited protective gear is provided. Tickets or receipts are delivered at the arena 15-20 minutes prior to the start of a session and are valid for only single sessions. 

Rule and Regulations

The following are the rules for skating at the Panari Centre.

  • All skaters must skate in one direction (anti clockwise) and should be considerate of children and beginners to avoid collisions.

  • Like any other sports field, there are several rules that should be observed while at the ice rink. Customers must follow the instruction of the ice rink supervisors always to prevent injuries and accidents.

  • Children under 9 years, must be in the company of an adult and should wear protective gloves.

  • The use of the ice rink is also strictly at the customer’s risk and the management does not accept any responsibility for personal injury and the loss or damage of private property.

  • Skaters should wear socks and warm dress to protect them from the cold conditions.

  • Skaters are prohibited from entering the ice rink without skating boots, walking on skating boots outside the rubber tile areas or taking skating boots outside the ice arena.

  • Stability is required in this sport and as a result, participants who are under the influence of alcohol will not be allowed admission.

  • People are not allowed to vandalize the ice surface, sit on the rink board walls, throw objects and cigarettes butts on to the ice surface or consume food and beverage inside the ice arena.

  • Tickets are sold on a cash basis and cheques and credits are not accepted.

If you have never tried ice skating on the equator, you can take part in ice skating or ice hockey courses that teach basic skating and skills.



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