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Most Popular Programs On Kenyan Television

most popular programs on kenyan television


Burning onions has become one of those cooking hitches that occur in many households in Kenya. “Why did you burn the food?” The most annoying thing about the whole issue is the answer to that question, “I was watching T.V”

Televisions programs in Kenya have become so captivating in the recent passed that we sort of tend to forget our responsibilities. Some people in Kenya get seated in front of that T.V set and literally get into a trance! You have to switch it off to get them off the couch or even have a simple conversation with them. That is how bad things are. Children in Kenya have also been pulled by this magnet. They always want to switch on the T.V even before they are with homework.

The popular Afrocinema movies in Kenya that show daily on Citizen T.V  are a menace to most people who do not love Nigerian movies. On the flipside, there are those who wake up daily looking forward to catching Desmond Elliot or Van Vicker in full action on the Kenyan Television.  Most house helps are attracted to these movies a lot, by virtue that they spend an entire day indoors and citizen TV in Kenya is one of the most popular T.V channels in the country.

To the more fun loving and outgoing persons in Kenya, reality shows are their kind of thing. Tusker Project Fame in Kenya and the whole of East Africa in fact, receives the accolade in this category. Tusker Project Fame (TPF) show, which is in its third week of the sixth season, has gained much airplay and everybody in Kenya is always tuned in on Saturday at 8:00 pm for the eviction show and on Sunday at 7:30 pm for the probation show in Kenya. There are contestants drawn from Eastern Africa as far as Burundi and Southern Sudan. Every Sunday, all the contestants perform and four of them are put on probation. The public in Kenya and neighbouring countries then gets into a voting frenzy for the candidates in a bid to avoid eviction and keep them in the academy. The contestants of TPF also get to vote for one of their fellow contestants who are on probation and the “faculty” gets to save a third. The unlucky contestant gets evicted from the academy. On Sundays, all the contestants perform and again four are put on probation. The winner of TPF is guaranteed of KSH 5 million prize money amongst other goodies, not to mention the fame.

We most certainly would not forget to mention the soap operas in Kenya that show in almost all the stations all the time! For the soap opera lovers in Kenya, they are sure to enjoy at least four different programs daily. Annoyingly, all soap operas have the same story line. Same play, different cast. A poor girl falls in love with a rich boy or vice versa, their love faces turbulence and obstacles but in the end true love conquers and the couple lives happily ever after. I wonder why people in Kenya get so engrossed in watching soap operas whilst you can predict the whole show by watching one episode!

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