Kenya natural natural parks and game reserves

by Wa Kimani  - August 29, 2022

The natural sceneries of Kenya are breath taking, the landscapes are wonderful. The Kenyan people naturally give a warm welcome to all the foreigners. Kenya has maintained its culture and traditions, the diversity of the wild life and natural resources will keep the Kenyan tourism vibrant forever.

Existence of natural parks and game reserves makes the natural beauty shine more in Kenya, the game parks are surrounded by different communities. The wildlife natural habitats and the birdlife team naturally, this brings beauty in viewing and taking photos of the animal and birds kingdoms.

The coastline has world class beaches which are surrounded by warm Indian Ocean; the city of Mombasa which is surrounded by coast line has an international airport. Mombasa is a worldwide tourist destination; the airport makes it a world class destination, the wonderful beaches, hotels with all kind of food and entertainment facilities. There several swimming pools, one can choose to swim in the Indian Ocean, sun bath and relax. The coast line is surrounded by rich history and there are wonderful historic sites.

Kenya is rich with mountains including Mt Elgon and Mt Kenya, the famous Mt Kenya has snow on the top throughout the year. The natural Great Rift Valley cuts across the country and it is rich with natural lakes, the valley forms a habitat for fish, birds and hippos. Nomadic communities live in Northern part of Kenya, it is a semi desert. The nomadic communities living there include Turkana and Samburu, these communities have preserved their tradition and culture for many years, there is a lot of beauty in the desert and viewing sunset is one of them.

The Kenyan wildlife service maintain the National parks and reserves, the wildlife service has the duty of taking care and protecting wildlife from any danger. The marine parks and are taken care by Kenya wildlife service. There is a long list of National parks including the following; Kora national park, Lake Nukuru National park, Arabuko sokoke National park, Patel National park, Meru National park, Mt Kenya National park, Mt Elgon National park, Nairobi National park, Hells Gate National park, Tsavo west National park, Sibiloi National park, Ruma National park, Tsavo East National park, Ol Donyo Sambuku National park.

Kenya Natural reserves include; Buffallo springs Natural reserve, Arawal Natural reserve, Boni Natural reserve, Kakamenga forest natural reserve, Kisumu impala sanctuary, Dodoni natural reserve, Masai mara natural reserve, mwalunganje elephant sanctuary, Mwea natural reserve, Samburu national reserve, Tana river primate reserve, witu forest reserve.

Marine parks and reserves include the following; Kiunga marine national reserve, Kisite mpunguti marine national park, Mombasa marine National reserve and park, Mpunguti marine National reserve and Dana delta.

The accommodation facilities are well managed to meet the needs of the clients, in coast some of the wonderful hotels include Almanara luxury villas in Diani beach, Afro chic Diani, Water lovers beach resort, The Maji Beach Boutique hotel, Lantana Galu beach, Baobab Beach resort, the Sand at Nomad, Southern Palms Beach resort, the Sands at chale island, Leopard Beach resort and spa, Ocean village club, papillon lagoon reef and Swahili beach resort.

In Masai Mara the hotels are wonderfully arranged some of these hotels include; Porini mara camp, Sarova mara game camp, Mara siria camp, Mara west, Keekorok lodge sun Africa hotel, Mara leisure camp, Muthaiga Black leopard safari camp, AA Lodge Masai mara. There are sufficient accommodation facilities in Tsavo, Mtwapa, Kisumu, Lamu, Nakuru, Naivasha, Watam and Nairobi.


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