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Kenya Music Industry: A Preview Of The Three Richest Musicians In Kenya

kenya music industry a preview of the three richest musicians in kenya


Most Kenyan musicians have never declared their wealth or rather their net-worth for matter, but instincts never lie. When you go through the Music Copyright Society of Kenya Archives, you will most definitely get a great deal of details regarding what every prominent musician in Kenya makes today. In fact, just recently, the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) came up with a list of some of the wealthiest musicians in Kenya.

The criterion used by the MCSK to rank the wealthiest musicians in Kenya is pretty much absurd but in any case you have no option but to take the details down on paper.  Factors such as merchandise and CD sales, live performances and related careers in Kenya are some of the main elements which are used in upgrading or downgrading musicians today.  Some Kenyans might argue that Prezzo and Redsan in Kenya are the wealthiest artistes in Kenya today, but that is not the case.  The details in here will most definitely shock you.

Here now is a look at some of the wealthiest artistes in Kenya;

Jaguar in Kenya

Top on the list of richest musicians in Kenya is Jaguar.  Much as he has been in the limelight ever since the Kenyan music industry was in its infancy, he has never failed to impress. Jaguar is in fact, recognized by many as one of the best hit makers in the East African region. The Kigeugeu singer in Kenya, apart from singing, is an entrepreneur in Kenya with a great portfolio that is comprised of a security company, taxi firm, real estate and even an auto garage all in Kenya. Jaguar is also known to own a collection of several posh cars including a range rover sport, Mercedes Benz, Bentley, and a Lexus in Kenya.

Nonini in Kenya

Nonini, One FM morning show presenter comes second in the list of the wealthiest artistes in Kenya today. It is necessary to appreciate the fact that Nonini also doubles up as a co-pioneer of Genge music in Kenya.  Many Kenyans in Nairobi and other parts of Kenya love to call him the God Father of Genge in Kenya. Currently, Nonini has got three albums which receive lots of airplay on the local media stations in Kenya. The Color kwa Face Foundation in Kenya which helps to champion the rights of albinos in the country is another job that Nonini has done during his career and done it well for that matter.  The Color Kwa Face Foundation has received lots of support from various corporate entities in Kenya such as Standard Group and Safaricom and definitely things look bright for the GOD FATHER in future.

Wyre in Kenya

There is no doubt that Wyre’s new song Nakupenda Pia in Kenya which features Alaine is a big hit for the year 2013 in Kenya.  One thing that is for sure is that Wyre’s style of doing music in Kenya is pretty much unique. He loves to fuse reggae with R&B in Kenya in order to create hits on a consistent basis.  To date, Wayre has released two albums and also features in various songs by other well established artists in Kenya and beyond. Wayre is also a Sakata judge in Kenya who loves to incorporate choreographed dance moves in his moves and definitely his charisma has earned him lots of accolades from across the world.

Now you know the richest Kenyan artists in Music industry in Kenya.

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