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Good Places To Record Music in Kenya

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In Kenya, music industry is growing at a very fast rate making it necessary to have qualified producers that can deliver music that can do well at the international level stage. The following are some of the best places one can seek to record their music.


The studio has produced some of the country’s biggest hits and musicians. The late E-Sir was one of the top most musicians that used to record their songs at the studio. Currently, ogopa is doing well producing songs for big names such as Marya,Avril and Ringtone. The music is of high quality and new artistes are encouraged to join it.


It is also one of the best studios in Kenya especially if an artiste wants to do the famous brand known by Kenyans genge.Calif has for a longtime been consistent in producing quality and has seen new talents such as Ala C record their hits at the place. It is continually growing and promoting new talents around Nairobi areas and Kenya in general.


The studio has produced a lot of songs mostly in the gospel field and continues to get new more artistes in the country. The studio is nurturing a set of new talents by producing songs of various types for artistes and continues to teach them how to be competent and maintain high ethical standards as a musician. The teachings help the artistes to cope up with life of being a celebrity and how to handle expectations.


As the name suggests, the studio has the intention of enlightening the lives of artistes and make them enjoy services in the music industry upon which they can feel good and learn to appreciate the role of music in the country. It has produced big hits for most gospel musicians and continues to do well in the industry.


The studio is among the best raga producing studios in the country. Big names such as Kenrazy have been noted by many fans through the studio. It is friendly and continues to do well in the coming years. It is advisable for new talents to try getting the services of the producers.




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