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Events Websites In Kenya: How To Get Information About Up Coming Events In Nairobi

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In Kenya, every weekend hosts innumerable events in Nairobi and in other towns in Kenya. From the capital city of Kenya to other major towns, Kenya is usually abuzz with activities during weekends. One might miss out on great experiences by being misinformed or having no information at all about events in Kenya. However various websites in Kenya have made it easier for people to plan on which events to attend in various towns in Kenya. These events are not only for fun but also to network and create exposure of talent. Some of the major events in Kenya include Safaricom Live, Fashion week event, music awards events, among many others listed in various Kenyan events websites. Most people attend these events in Kenya which suit their interests and business fields to meet various business contacts and to advertise products and services in Kenya. Whatever your reason, there are certain sites that can relay information about major events and dates in Kenya, making your search easier.


Events254.co.ke website in Kenya is the most informative website and it has a variety of listings. Events254.co.ke uploads events about fashion, art, conferences, concerts, parties expos and festivals in Kenya. Events254.co.ke is a great guide for both tourists and locals in Kenya. The event calendar of Events254.co.ke is full of amazing events in Kenya that have been researched on by a team of experts. The events website in Kenya has a place where the user can upload an event. One simply sends a poster and a description of the event details in Kenya and waits for an email. The team of experts decides on whether to list the event in Kenya of discard it. The Events254.co.ke website is on www.events254.co.ke


Kenyabuzz.com is an equally informative website in Kenya that uploads great events going down in Kenya and their respective venues. This Kenyabuzz.com site in Kenya is sure to give you all the events profile. Kenyabuzz.com also releases information on movies and what is showing in the major cinema houses on big-screen in Kenya. This Kenyabuzz.com website has various categories. Kenyabuzz.com website in Kenya has a ‘what is on’ section which informs of the latest events in Kenya. Kenyabuzz.com also has a lifestyle section that has news. Kenyabuzz.com website also has a business directory and a ‘buy and sell’ section in Kenya. Kenyabuzz.com also has galleries on past events in Kenya and newsletters. It is a great website with the theme colours red and black making it enjoyable to skim through it and can be accessed through www.kenyabuzz.com 

`Nairobi Now` website and `Top Events Kenya` websites in Kenya

Nairobi now website and top events kenya website are two sites in Kenya that are hosted by wordpress. WordPress in Kenya keeps us abreast with information on the various events in Nairobi and beyond that are happening and it has a section where one can submit an event. www.topeventskenya.wordpress.com and www.nairobinow.wordpress.com are the top events website in Kenya. The Nairobi Now website and Top Events Kenya are very informative websites about events in Kenya.


Thewineandfoodreview.blogspot.com website is a great blog that is a breath of fresh air and, It is centered on events relating to food and wine in Kenya. Thewineandfoodreview.blogspot.com blog has a category of events where it informs of upcoming events on wine and food industry. Thewineandfoodreview.blogspot.com has great photos and great reviews of past and to be events in Kenya. You can access the events website via www.thewineandfoodreview.blogspot.com

Facebook & twitter as events websites in Kenya

Facebook and Twitter are social networking sites in Kenya that are ideal for event sharing because they have the company that is hosting the event to upload more about the event and venue of the event in Kenya. The events uploaded via facebook and twitter in Kenya have a discussion board for the people who plan to attend to discuss. Friends can also invite each other and decide on how they will attend. People in a certain network in Kenya also get events related to them. For example people who have liked fashion pages in Kenya on facebook are more likely to get invited to fashion events being held in any part of Kenya. Facebook and twitter websites are www.faceboo.com and www.twitter.com respectively.

People also get wind of the news from word of mouth on such events as political rallies in Kenya. Some events in Kenya are exclusive and invite only such as the Red Carpet Event in Kenya. Other events in Kenya are simply not advertised. However, these are the most common avenues to getting information about events coming up in Kenya. With these event websites in Kenya, you will be getting an event calendar in Kenya and marking the dates.

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