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Challenges Facing Music Industry In Kenya

challenges facing music industry in kenya


Kenyan musicians have had a lot of hard times for the last few years and it is something that is connected with problems in the music industry. The government has done little to promote the talents of various artistes in the country making it really hard for them to cope up with the challenges. Among others, the following are some of the major problems affecting the music industry in the country.

Lack of originality

It has been observed that a lot of Kenyan musicians do not have their way of singing and will often try to copy the style of other musicians from the global world making it hard for them to be invited for international shows as they are often described as artistes that copy the style of others in huge efforts trying to do musicians like other countries of the world.


The particular groups of people are playing great roles in making the efforts of a respective artiste to be wasted. It has been noted that many of this end up getting the original copy that they go ahead to produce large numbers making it hard for them to sell albums and gain money from their songs. It is important that the music corporate of Kenya goes ahead to punish people that are often found to be having local music in their shops without official receipts.

High Production Costs

The cost of producing music in the country is high making it hard for people to cope up with the price. lot of young talents have been killed as many of them lack the required money to produce music as demanded by the respective producers. Kenya needs to get a way of making sure that artistes have better ways of recording music and gaining from their talents.

Mismanagement of funds

Many young people find it hard to handle their funds at a more stable way and will often use the money for the wrong type of purposes. It is important that more stable ways be formed on how the money can be well distributed so as to avoid falling in the wrong hands of people.

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