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Best Male Gospel Artistes in Kenya

best male gospel artistes in kenya




The Kapungala king that made Kenya be more popular by winning an award in Nigeria. The artiste has composed a lot of songs that are more familiar with Kenyans making him become the best artiste in the gospel field. He has done a lot of collaborations with many other artiste including his own brother Ruff tone, Gideon’s army and Dennis by doing the popular song mbona.


The artiste came into fame by the famous song muhadhara. Jimmy has gone ahead to win the interest of many producers that have seen him produce big hits like appointment, signature, makekes and ole ole. The artiste supports the society through the make it or make it campaign.


Popularly known for his song furifuri,the artiste has gone ahead to launch the system rave that is meant to encourage many young youths to take active part in matters pertaining the church.Dk is believed to have been natured by Alemba has since grown to levels that make him be counted as a top gospel artiste.


The artiste grew into fame by doing collaboration Gloria Muliro in the song sitolia that did well with majority of Kenyans. Willy has since gone ahead to be independent and realizing more popular song making attract the attention of many producers. Natured and brought up by J Blessing, the artiste inspires a lot of people from the street that have given up never to lose hope.


The artiste paved way for the contemporary gospel hip hop to grow at a faster rate. Juliani has gone ahead to do various songs with even secular artistes in his career. The artiste tries to point out the challenges that are being experienced by the society and fighting for injustice through a set of campaigns.


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